RV Renovation Ideas: The Motorhome Bedroom

Our RV Bedroom BEFORE Redecorating

One of our affordable rv remodeling ideas was to make our bedroom a different color scheme than the other “rooms.” We wanted the floor to be different, too. This turned out to be the most difficult rv project for us, but we did get a new vinyl floor put in our rv for about $10.00…and lots of bad words.

Before going further, a reminder that a step-by-step on how we painted the wallpaper, made curtains, etc. can be found in our blog posts about our Living Room and RV Kitchen Redecorating Tips.In general, our flooring, paint and curtains are shades of blue and gray. So on to what we did…

Bedroom BEFORE Redecorating

PAINTING: We decided not to paint the wood paneling and cabinets in this room at all. We liked the accent of the wood and the one wood panel wall that was in our bedroom (all other walls were wallpapered). The only thing changed on the cabinets was the handles, which we spray painted pewter. We painted the walls blue. All accents (magazine rack, two shelves over the windows and a wood trim on the floor) were painted gray. We even painted our brass fixtures and lamp shades to match…THAT was an improvement.

We threw on a gray bedspread, made super cheap curtains and, my favorite, I sewed together this silky, dark gray bargain fabric (didn’t even hem the sides…kept it “funky”) to throw over our bedspread, due to having two cats that are far from bald. Hair doesn’t stick! You just shake it out…but I digress…

Our Bedroom AFTER

FLOORING: So the moment you all have been waiting for…new vinyl flooring in our rv. Would love to take credit for how this all turned out, and tell you we thought of it prior to doing the floors…but that wouldn’t be very honest. No, we definitely learned by doing…hearing of our mistakes will most likely make you laugh, and save you time if you decide to replace your motorhome floor.

AFTER The Decorating

We went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. As luck would have it, they had a vinyl floor remnant in blue and gray, with a “stone” look. For $8.00, we grabbed it and ran…it looked like PLENTY of vinyl for our tiny floor space. Well..yeah, that’s true. But if you want it in one big piece, it still needs to be the 8 foot width of the room, right? This remnant was, oh…about 4 feet across. Ha…you know where this is going. Now give us a little break, because we renovated our entire motorhome at once…we couldn’t possibly escape without one mistake. But have no fear! We figured out our own way of salvaging the vinyl flooring…let us move on…

Our New RV Vinyl Flooring

So we discovered our floor would have to be cut into segments. One long one would run down the hallway (from the kitchen vinyl end) up to the foot of our bed. Then we would cut two more segments for each side of the bed. Three pieces of flooring in all. But with crappy tools and no work bench, we knew the odds of matching them perfectly wouldn’t be likely. So what was the answer? Accent molding! Yes, we cut two flat “strips” to lie over the space where they connected, between the wall and foot of the bed. Of course, they were painted gray to match! We also never glued it down, wanting to see what it does in colder temps. We did buy trim to put along the outer edge and, you guessed it, painted it gray, too! So know it looks like we intentionally placed gray trim around…actually kinda cute! Also, we got the molding at the Restore, too…total cost for the floor? $10.00. And guess what?! We had leftover scraps and we glued them onto our nightstands on both sides…they look fantastic and, of course, match the floor.

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4 Responses to RV Renovation Ideas: The Motorhome Bedroom

  1. Dollie Sarrell says:

    Enjoy your website.. We too are planning on redoing somethings in our “Older” Camper .. We have to replace the floor in the bedroom first 🙁

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hi Dollie!
      Thanks so much for commenting…
      You must be very gifted mechanically, if you can replace your floor! Wish we had those types of skills….
      It is fun redoing things. Our current 5th wheel is the first rv we owned where we didn’t do some drastic decorating. Still feels like home with our decorations, but I kinda miss the thrill of giving areas a 100% makeover.

      Take care, good luck on your floors and hope to hear from you again…
      Robin and Jim

  2. Vicki says:

    Love Your Website!