RV Remodeling Ideas: RV Kitchen Cabinets, Dinette, Cushions and More

We love our rv kitchen cabinets, curtains, dinette…basically everything about it! How it transformed from a dirty, drab room to a camper kitchen everyone compliments is, actually, a funny tale. It started at a thrift store. A one dollar “funky” tablecloth, hanging on a rack, turned into the entire theme for that room’s motorhome makeover. Check out these before and after pictures below!












We are so pleased with our rv redecorating. Now we are going to tell you exactly what we did.

CLEANING: The most boring and mundane, but very important. Start with this part, always, or you will mess up your work cleaning the oven and splattering the goo on your newly painted wall! Take off all dusty, bland window coverings and hardware before you begin. Start from the ceiling on down. Our favorite, cheap rv cleaning supplies are from Dollar Tree. The LA Totally Awesome cleaner was used on a damp rag for the fabric ceiling. Luckily, our local store carries the cheap version of the Magic Eraser sponge, which is truly magic. It was used to wash down all walls, surfaces, vents, lights, windows and floors (it works on everything and takes off any marking or stain). We also used the $1.00 oven cleaner and cleaning rags. So for about $4.00 we cleaned every inch of the kitchen. Don’t forget to vacuum out window tracks and inside cabinets. When you’ve washed it all, top to bottom, you are ready to remodel your motorhome interior.

Our RV Kitchen Cabinets Were Many Colors

CHOOSING COLORS/PAINTING WALLS AND CABINETS: We knew this tablecloth was the direction we wanted to go for decorating our camper. But paint can be expensive. Buying all at Walmart, we bought gallons when we knew we would use it a lot, and small 97 cent acrylic craft paint for small accent areas. The cheapest, flat paints were $6-7 per gallon…not too bad. We brought our tablecloth to the store to match paint colors as closely as possible. The one expense you cannot avoid is buying a gallon of Kilz (oil-free type). Without Kilz, paint wouldn’t stick to the wallpaper or cabinets in our RV. We only needed a gallon. We bought paint supplies at Dollar Tree and never used brushes, just all types of small rollers in various sizes, sponge brushes and children’s paintbrushes for hard-to-reach areas. We used the small and narrow ones the most…you really don’t need the big rollers for rv renovating. You might have to get some supplies elsewhere, but they are quite affordable. As for painting, it is quite simple…READ OUR ARTICLES ON Painting RV Wallpaper and RV Cabinets.

This Curtain (One Panel Is Tied Back) Was The Tablecloth

RV WINDOW COVERINGS:As stated previously, we used a cheap tablecloth found at a thrift store for our camper curtains and valance in the kitchen windows. The only thing we splurged on was an $18.00 window shade for the window by the dinette (the valance was for looks, not function!). You can simply make another cheap window curtain if you don’t want the added expense.

The Valance From The Same Tablecloth

You can read our article on how to make cheap, easy rv curtains HERE.

RV DINETTE/CAMPER CUSHIONS: This was one of my favorite remodeling accomplishments. We had ugly, dirty mauve floral upholstery on those cushions…but neither of us are good at sewing. Then we discovered how to make it look like brand new upholstery, costing next to nothing, taking only minutes…without sewing!

Our Quick and Affordable, New Camper Cushions

You won’t believe what a staple gun can do! Read exactly how we did it HERE.

ACCENTS ARE KEY: We kid you not, the rest of “the look” aside from the painting, curtains and rv cushions is simply miscellaneous decor. Everything you see, baskets, cups, candleholder, wall sconces, were a dollar or less at thrift or dollar stores…including those little throw pillows on the rv dinette booth. Don’t overdo it…just a little touch here and there is all it takes. We brought scraps of the tablecloth colors wherever we went…and if it matched, we bought it! You can also make your own trinkets with leftover paint and material. Notice on our kitchen table, there is a metal tray? The tray was a tacky pattern, so we took the legs off, put Kilz on it, painted it with leftover craft paint, and glued scraps of the curtains around the edges…that’s it!

The point to make here is that you don’t have to buy new cabinet doors, new handles, pay someone to put new upholstery on cushions, buy brand new, fitted curtains…staying true to cheap rv living means not throwing money out the window…every penny counts if you want the simple life. We made our motorhome feel like a million bucks, spending very little. You can, too. You don’t have to be creative or artsy…find a sheet, towel or something where the coloring catches your eye…let the article you pick out at a thrift store do the work…your job is to find the colors to match it. If you like the Woodland theme with moose, bears, etc…find used sheets with them on it, and make your curtains and cushion with the material. Have fun and don’t overspend…it won’t feel the same. We are proud of our renovation because we know how little we spent…while others think we splurged!

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