RV Decorating VS Mobility – A Constantly Losing Battle

It is hilarious recalling rv decorating when we first started out in 2009. Too afraid to check the weight of the rv, we just dragged the poor camper along…filled with photo albums, pictures and items too embarrassing to admit to. Wanted it to feel like home – didn’t realize it REALLY felt like home…like the WEIGHT of our old home.

Yes, we felt it was important that we created ambiance with easy, permanent rv decor – like curtains, throws, painting the inside to suit us…but our DVD collection for display? Every cute trinket carefully placed along the shelving ledges in our bedroom? Yeah, that’s over now. That camper decor is now getting a lot of use under our bed (really looks nice under there now…wow!).

Hannah (Copilot RV Dog) Loves Mobility

Hannah (Copilot RV Dog) Loves Mobility


So here it is: the dilemma of rv decorating vs mobility. Sure, if you are going to park your recreational vehicle for a long time and drive a car around, well…I guess you won’t see what the real problem is. But when you are moving constantly, the fever to keep hanging up and taking down those pictures and must-have items becomes a true pain.

We laugh looking back on these past years rving. What we STARTED with and what we have NOW are like two different worlds. I was manic, decorating an rv the minute we were stabilized and level. Two days later, on the road again, take it all down. Our pets, I am certain, laughed at us and the immense waste of time it was to engage in these odd rituals. Over time, we slowly began tossing most things out at each site we stayed at…including the ridiculous amount of clothing we brought…but that’s a whole other article some other day.

Anywho. we sold our disposable van a few months back, not thinking we would need it…now we see perhaps we need it. So enter the joys of camper decorations when you use your home as a car – shopping at Walmart and other stores with a gigantic motorhome maneuvering the parking lot (great time, gotta try it). We’ve got it down to a science, but let me tell you there is no way we are decorating anything excessively anymore, unless it is attached via glue, thumb tack or nail. We’re comfortable buying complimentary colored toothbrushes and cup now and calling them “artsy.”

So here is a test to tell you if you still have too much stuff and rv decor:

When you know it is time to move the rv, do you get anxious, do you breakdown and cry, do you argue with your mate, does the cat hide under the couch? If you answered “yep” you have too….much….stuff.

Our take down, given we drive the rv weekly, involves scooting any loose kitchen and bathroom items into the sinks, taking a few items off the wall…and hitting the road. That’s it! When it gets down to rv decorating vs mobility…mobility has just got to win if you hope to keep you sanity.

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