Our RV Bathroom Remodel – For Just A Few Dollars

Our RV Bathroom BEFORE Redecorating

An rv bathroom remodel in an older motorhome might sound funny…WHAT bathroom, you might ask, given how tiny they are. But that drab little room, with floor space even our rv cats have trouble fitting in, became a beautiful rv interior to us. Wanted to share the before and after photos with you. Keep in mind, it is a bit tricky to even get a photo of a camper bathroom, unless getting up on the roof and snapping a pic through the vent…ah well, you will get the basic idea!

As far as painting the wallpaper and cabinets, you can learn all of our cheap decorating tips on how we actually did it in our main posts about the Living Room and the Kitchen. The basics that we did with painting the bathroom, to give it a little (very little) depth, were to keep some cabinet wood plain, as an accent, and use two colors on everything else. We used dark gray and white paints in the following way. The outside of all cabinets were painted white. The mirror wall was painted white, but we painted the mirror trim gray. The remaining walls were painted gray. The cabinet handles were spray painted pewter. That was all there was to the basic color scheme.

Another View Of Our Tiny Bathroom BEFORE Remodeling

The little, inexpensive decorating tricks we did in the bathroom were easy to do. Once again, I found a really neat item at the thrift store, to use as our shower curtain. It was so unique and colorful, I had to spend that $1.00, knowing it would brighten the bathroom up so much. It actually was meant to hang in a doorway, and had a split in the middle. This was PERFECT for us because we put the litterbox in the shower…so the cats now had a way to get in without having to tie back the curtain. Inside, I got a clear shower curtain liner at the dollar store, which I put on the main curtain rod. The decorative piece hangs on a cheap tension rod from Walmart. Our “shower curtain” for the rv actually was the perfect length…but I highly recommend cutting yours to stop at the top of the tub. Again, we have a clear liner inside. so water doesn’t splash. But stuffing a long shower curtain into the tub doesn’t look very good…so I recommend the one dollar liner.

The big project in that bathroom was yanking the gross, disgusting carpeting off of the toilet platform. Yes, we have a toilet that sits on a wood platform…and the carpet (and what we found underneath) was absolutely horrific…that’s all I’ll say about that. But we finally got it all out, put a layer of Kilz on it, then painted it gray as well. The white vinyl floor, by the way, we merely cleaned up…we didn’t replace it. I did get a little gray rug to put on the floor, for stepping out of the shower.

RV Bathroom AFTER Redecorating

The rest is all about cheap, cheap, cheap decor. From the dollar store I purchased two accent towels, one multi-colored bamboo place mat to set on the bathroom counter and a big mirror sticker that states “go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” So that was 3 bucks. Then, I had a perfect bear photo (really colorful) I set on the counter as well. Finally, I found an odd piece at the thrift store for 50 cents, which I knew would be a great towel holder. Problem was, it was ugly. So I slapped on a layer of Kilz, then put a coat of gray paint on it, threw an accent towel in it and “presto!”

The Unique Shower Curtain I Found

In sum, you can see that for just a few dollars, our bathroom looks like new.

A few more frugal rving hints: Our Walmart often has clearance paints from returns, mixing it wrong, etc…we found a small quart of dark gray paint for around four dollars…we let the selection there dictate what shade of gray we would use, vs. spending more on being picky about the color. Also…what is a shower curtain? Of course, if just buying a plastic one, then…yes, you need that to keep out the water. But buying the dollar liner for that job left me open to checking out all sorts of unique ideas for our shower…look at fabrics, even curtains! Do you need a “special shower curtain” that costs a fortune? No! It’s fabric…get a tension rod and hang 2 fun curtain panels in the shower, for heaven’s sake! There are no rv shower curtain police that I’m aware of…be a rebel!!

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