Why We Love Swagbucks – We Make Extra Money Doing Nothing

We love Swagbucks, plain and simple. That said, this is a frugal rv living tip that is so easy and has the potential to be used in ways to make a lot more than we currently do from the website. You can do much, much better than us, for sure! This isn’t one of those “here’s how much we earned this month” because we aren’t doing much of anything at all…just don’t have the time right now, while working on other online projects (so WHERE is this post going, you ask?).

This post is about getting a little extra spending cash for doing nothing through Swagbucks. Yep, that about sums it up! We do have a goal to use it more in the future, because there are so many ways to save money via their great coupons and deals, contests and other earning opportunities – but for now we really like getting something for nothing.

Here’s how it goes…….

If you do nothing else, you can sign up for Swagbucks and get a nice chunk of Swagbucks immediately just for registering, whether you ever log in again or not (more on what you do with these virtual dollars later).

Search & Win

Next, download the Swagbucks toolbar and get Swagbucks for that, too. I thought I’d hate having it visible on my browser and I’ve never been one for toolbars, but honestly it is sleek, user-friendly and encourages those Swagbucks to keep coming in. Note: Currently it isn’t available on Google Chrome, but works great with Firefox.

Moving on, as you browse the web throughout the day, use their search bar to do so, and you will get rewarded randomly. It’s actually kinda fun (a bit scary) because out of the blue, all of the sudden it will say “you just earned 8 Swagbucks!” Yes, it can happen more than once in a day as long as you’re an internet searcher. Almost always happens after our first few searches each morning. If you don’t search for anything, well………..what do you think will happen? Um…not a heck of a lot. Also, we accumulate between 7 – 27 Swagbucks each time we get rewarded, often a few times per day.

Also, our morning ritual includes getting two more easy Swagbucks. As soon as we turn on the computer and click on our Firefox icon, a pop-up comes up in the center of the screen saying we earned one Swagbuck for basically just existing on the planet I guess – opening up our browser like we would anyway. The second point we get is for a cute “daily poll” which is always just one amusing and random question (just one question, not kidding). You place your vote, see the results to date and get your additional buck.

Now here is the great part…they have a large store where you can spend your Swagbucks on products, gift cards and more. The best gift card deal for us and the only thing we use our bucks for are $5 Amazon gift cards that are delivered electronically when we “buy” them. The cost? 450 Swagbucks.¬†We shop on Amazon for many rv products, alternative medicines, vitamins, etc. so this is the best choice for us. It takes a few weeks for them to post to your account, so keep that in mind when you go to cash in your points. The nice thing, however, is that Amazon lets you enter the gift card codes and accumulate them in a “balance.” So if you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to some new a/c covers for the RV, just keep piling up the gift cards until you reach that $40 and free shipping target…then enjoy getting them for free, for doing nothing.

Another way to use this free money for cheap rv living is that often the site will have a sale on various gift cards. There are times a $5 gift card to a certain type of online store is only 100 Swagbucks, not 450 like an Amazon card. You could use these unique cards to buy holiday or birthday gifts throughout the year, saving a bundle in the long run. The key to real frugality is to not be tempted to spend 700 Swagbucks on a $5 Paypal gift card or $5 Cabela’s card, etc. when 450 can get you the same five dollar value at Amazon. Get the most bang for your buck (as long as it is useful to you). Again, because we buy a lot of normal, everyday products on Amazon and take advantage of their low prices and free shipping, it is great to get the things we need for free every few months.

One other tip, and this is something we haven’t taken advantage of yet, they have great printable coupons that change all of the time. You can find a coupon for groceries, health and beauty, services and a lot more. When you use the coupon, you get Swagbucks for it…so there is quite a money saving opportunity there. Also, they have many other ways to earn bucks, conveniently located under the “earn” tab on the toolbar. Someday when we have more time, we will have to take advantage of the other deals…

We promise, if you use a computer each day, you will see why we love Swagbucks and use it daily in our frugal living rv lifestyle.

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