Udi’s Coupons For Gluten Free Living In An RV

Our entire family has been living gluten free for a very long time, but Udi’s coupons have made it more affordable. Whether you have celiac disease like my daughter has had since she was two, are allergic to wheat (like me) or have chosen to avoid wheat for the numerous health benefits, you know that replacing wheat and gluten comes at great cost.

When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1996, there was no substitute available that you could stomach without gagging. It was an awful time and I tried desperately to learn how to provide her with bread alternatives that often were the equivalent of cardboard. As time went on, Atkins took off and wheat allergies became more recognized as the reason so many suffer with gastrointestinal distress, food manufacturers and restaurants got on board and began offering gluten free products that actually tasted like real food.

We’ve found many favorites in modern times, but one brand that simply cannot be beat is Udi’s. With Udi’s coupons we were able to try hamburger and hot dog buns, breads, bagels, pizza crusts and pastries that actually taste just like the real thing! I know, 3/4 of my life I ate the wheat versions of these foods.

The point is, when cheap rv living, if you are on a special diet the costs can add up quickly. It is important that you search for coupons on any of your favorite gluten free brands. As far as Udis is concerned, when you sign up on their website you get $1.00 off a product. But then you are on their email list for occasional deals and coupons, and every dollar truly counts. So be sure to take advantage of coupons and email lists for every gluten free company out there, or any business that caters to your special dietary needs. Aside from just food, if you are diabetic or have other health issues, every company has a website and most offer discounts. In addition, always type in your brand and the word coupon in Google, so you can find scores of money saving coupons and coupon codes to help reduce the costs associated with specialty diets.

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