Top RV Site August 2012 – NuRVers Builds An RVing Community

The message you see when you get to is: “Young Full-time RVers, Doing It Our Way” – and if you investigate the site you’ll find the fortunate disclaimer that “young” can also mean young at heart, which we usually fancy ourselves to be. We stumbled across this site a couple of years ago while looking up RV web sites, but have only recently signed up for a free membership. We were drawn to the premise of a social networking site for full-timers, and were intrigued by the whole hip, cool, new age approach (sorry for showing our age).

NuRVers is the perfect site for any uncoventional rvers like us  – gathering those rving who color outside of the lines, not following traditional approaches to “living” in these modern times. The site is creating a community – a place for those living full or part time to get to know one another,  help each other and meet each other.

Sure, there are lots of rving sites out there, but not many cater to those who don’t follow tradition. Many times we’ve turned to an rv forum for help, only to find that we truly didn’t fit in or feel part of any community. Their daily problems and challenges had no resemblance to ours whatsoever.

One of the realizations we’ve had since starting out on this road a couple of years ago is that we often miss having a community to go to for support and human interaction. RVers are all over the place, and it can be difficult to find ways to actually be in the same physical space with people who are like us – we usually don’t fit in with the snowbird crowd driving their half-million dollar rigs, and the folks we would fit in with are scattered across the country. Though we often grumble at having to be so tethered to the internet to make a living, this is one of those times we are so grateful to have mifi on board.

That’s what makes this site so great. It’s modeled on the simple social networking foundation – you create a profile for yourself (ours is still skimpy…gotta get that done), then join in on forums and live chats, read articles, blogs, comments, and do many other activities. In this way, you feel that there is a crowd of like-minded souls out there whose ears can be bent if you’re needing someone to listen, and who have and can express knowledgeable opinions about all aspects of our chosen lifestyle.

The site also has a pictures and video section, and free classified ads to sell anything you need to unload. But that’s not all – NuRvers also sponsors real-time get-togethers, rallies that draw RVers from all over the country. There they can meet each other in the flesh, and do what a real community does – get to know each other and make some great memories. We’re looking forward to making new friends online, and actually meeting them someday, with

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