The REAL Reason For Cheap RV Living – Moments Like These

We’ve given many reasons for simplifying and taking the plunge into cheap rv living, but after last weekend I thought I’d share and emphasize the MOST IMPORTANT reason to do it – family moments.

My Daughter Cheyenne And Her Boyfriend Cody


Certainly we had “family moments” when living in a house together, but as I recall very clearly we were all too busy to truly take time for one another. Jobs, bills, chores, obligations – yes, we all saw each other daily, but quality time was rare at best.

This past weekend we took my daughter and her boyfriend to Chicago. Columbia College was having an open house, and given my daughter is talented musically in addition to painting, photography, acting and writing…she dreams of one day being a part of this outstanding school for those like her, who have a drive and calling to make a living using those talents. We couldn’t be more proud of her, for following her dreams and passions – having goals to have a fulfilling and rewarding life on her terms.

So we spent all day Saturday at the open house, exploring Chicago – then on to the Hard Rock Cafe for an early birthday dinner. We watched comedy shows and had popcorn together that night (past our bedtime, for sure). The next morning was gift opening, cake and more smiles. In sum, 48 hours of pure family time and the only expense being the birthday dinner.

I can’t imagine a time in my other life where I could have given her that much of a block of time. As she is becoming an adult, even though she leans toward more urban life at this age, and I am the opposite…craving the quiet of the mountains, my lifestyle will allow me to create more memories like this with her. We might not see each other every day as she becomes a woman going her own path, but I will have the freedom to spend frequent, precious moments with her like this – which are worth so much more than daily living, having time for a quick “hi” each day at best. It truly is quality, not quantity, that counts.

Moments like these will always be the REAL REASON for cheap rv living, in my book.

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