The Best RV To Live In – Here We Go Again!

So here we are again, deciding on the best rv to live in. We have an eerie similarity to the Goldilocks story – we’ve done the travel trailer, we’ve done the motorhome – now? Well…stay tuned!

It isn’t easy parting with your rv – especially when you name him/her and give the camper its own personality. I cried like a baby when the woman who bought “Ward” hooked him up and took him down the highway. Joey, our current Fleetwood Bounder, is our sassy Australian author on many of our posts. But we can’t keep rvs for “cuteness” can we?

We have been thinking about the best rvs for living in for months (have changed our minds countless times) and while we currently have alternate shelter visiting family in the suburbs of Chicago, the time is now to try to make this work. For those of you fulltime rvers who have tried this trick, you know it is hard to accomplish. You don’t want to pull out everything from your motorhome, because what if it doesn’t sell? Yet, you don’t want to pass up on a potential sale saying “can you come back tomorrow so we can get it emptied out?” Yikes!! Yeah, the “stress free” cheap rv living lifestyle…

Anyway, will sum up why we are attempting this camper dance…

  1. Joey is in need of quite a few repairs – one major one is the roof, which is in pretty bad shape. We either needed to take our money and put it into him or put it into a different rv.
  2. On our slim budget and having zero credit cards/etc. for falling back on, we have discovered a motorhome is way too much financial risk for us – not the best camper to live in on a small income. Just one major engine problem and we are sunk. Plus everything is big and expensive with a rig this size – tires, brakes (last year we had to replace brakes and rotor up front…ouch!!!). However, if we have a vehicle and pull camper, if one or the other should fail or fall apart, there are plenty of replacements around within our budget…to get us by.
  3. We are finally getting home to Montana at the end of May and have wanted a truck camper on the side to go off the beaten path in the mountains….this would involve having/needing a pickup truck.
  4. Though we’ve had luck finding cheap cars everywhere we travel, it is a pain to buy/sell (though doable) wherever we roam. So getting a heavy duty pickup truck to pull our camper, then having it to throw a truck camper on during summers – well it is perfect for us…no more buying and selling used cars.

So those were just some of the reasons we decided to go for it. Now the rv dance comes….

We decided we had to get the truck first. We found a well-maintained 1993 Ford F250 4×4 which ALREADY HAS the 5th wheel hitch in the back, plus plug ins, plus trailer brakes, plus dual gas tanks and air bag suspension installed….it is perfect for us! Yeah! Oh, his name is ED and you can see him below:

Meet ED, Our Truck

Meet ED, Our Truck


So now here we sit in the suburban driveway – Joey outside, the truck in the garage. We need to sell Joey and get what we can before buying the 5th wheel (we decided the best rv for full timers like us is a 5th wheel, after much consideration). There is a risk we will be driving back to Montana with Joey and Ed, if we can’t sell Joey! Yikes! Basically, we’re letting the universe decide from this point forward. We could sell Joey here and not find the best rv to live in for our needs. Will just wait and see what happens….

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2 Responses to The Best RV To Live In – Here We Go Again!

  1. JOEY!!!

    I get attached to inanimate objects, so I don’t even want to think about selling the Duck. We’ll watch and see what you end up in next!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Duck! So good to hear from you.
      We haven’t told Joey yet, because the way our luck goes, we will be spending five million dollars going to Montana with Ed, a 5th wheel AND a Joey we can’t sell! haha….OR Joey and Ed…nothing like a little stress to add to normal stress!