Solitude Meaning – It Isn’t Just About Peace And Quiet

So what does solitude mean to us? It might be different than you think. Don’t get us wrong, as we embarked on the decision to break free of modern life and experience more freedom and simpler living, of course the images that came to mind were having the rv deep in the mountains, with no one around.

But one rv tip we’ve learned along the way is that solitude isn’t always possible, and life certainly isn’t guaranteed peace. As many of our readers know, we’ve had many heartbreaks along the way. Unexpectedly losing my mother, our 6 year old kitty passing away months later, plus just normal challenges and disappointments that most living beings face on a daily basis.


So that is where this rv post is heading – defining solitude beyond simply a setting or location. Of course, some of our favorite times were like this past October, when we were the only ones in a primitive campground right outside of Glacier Park, MT. We both slept like rocks from the serenity that the utopian setting provided. As if Glacier Park was just for us, like we were special somehow.

But as we’ve been “out there” now for years, we recognize that others search for this solitude, too. We have to share, on many occasions, and recognize rving doesn’t make us invisible to the rest of the world (if that was what you were looking for).

In fact, many people rv as an incredibly social event, given the number of upscale rv parks there are across the country (some even excluding motorhomes and travel trailers by age and “looks”, forbidding their camping in the park). Well we determined quickly that solitude for us certainly isn’t being window to window with other rvs…so we’ve done the best we can to avoid those types of settings. Our “solitude meter” in those places is quite simple – if by the looks of the rvs around us, we start to feel ashamed that our motorhome doesn’t shine or fit in, we know we’ve been thrown back into the exact thing we were trying to escape from.

So what the heck is solitude, then?

For us, solitude is more a feeling inside than what is around us. It’s knowing we are doing our best to not have to have those modern 7 Deadly Sins stealing our happiness each day as we tried to steer our way through modern society. We never knew, when leaving in 2009, how much hardship/loss we would face. With my mother passing away only 4 months ago, it is not the time to take off on our own and disappear…there is family we love here and we have to apply the brakes for awhile, even if Illinois isn’t our dream “solitude” location.

But would we throw in the towel, even though we had to stay in more crowded rv parks or were in settings that are foreign to the quiet of Montana we are accustomed to? Absolutely not. Why? Because solitude is no longer feeling pulled under by mortgage payments, utility bills, business meetings and retirement plans. We can be in a setting we don’t care for particularly, yet still find peace knowing we can overcome obstacles and face hardships that would have happened in a house or in an rv, with a freedom we never knew before.

This is a cheap rv living blog, and with cheap rving comes the reality that you cannot have everything you fantasize about right when you want it. But for those who might feel disheartened by this statement, know this – true solitude is much more than what you see with your eyes, it is an inner peace that is simply impossible to experience when tied to the conventional world.


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