RV Boondocking In Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, California

Well…after featuring Frugal RV Travel as our site of the month for May 2012, we ended up developing great rapport with Marianne and Randy – leading us smack dab into their rv boondocking guides. I hadn’t viewed/read them at the time of our article, given everything else there is to take in on their site…but now I have. All I can say is…”wow!” I kid you not, you cannot believe the detail and amount of work put into these e books. These are THEIR experiences, step by step, and go above and beyond merely pointing out locations…they tell you EVERYTHING…

There Are Actually FIVE E Books To Choose From - They Now Offer California, Too!

Click here to visit Frugal Shunpikers Guides to RV Boondocking.

Before getting into more detail, no matter which area of the country you are headed, you will find a one month itinerary that will outline where to camp, what to see – with fees for camping totaling between $100-130 for the entire month, depending on which state you choose. Having been in the rv lifestyle since 2009, I can tell you that just a few days of bad planning on the road will cost you that much!!

Here are the books/locations to choose from:

  • Southern Texas
  • Arizona
  • Southern Utah
  • New Mexico
  • California Desert and Eastern Sierra ***NEW BOOK!!

So if you are planning to head to any or all of these warmer climates, you can follow Marianne and Randy’s detailed itineraries and eliminate the guesswork and “fear” that can come from heading into unknown territory – while saving a fortune (the key to cheap rv living, of course).

These books range from 74-126 pages and here is what you can expect to get from whichever one you choose:

  • Directions in great detail to any of their recommendations.
  • A map showing various routes in the area, where free camping can be found in addition to pointing out which is the best route depending on the season.
  • The itinerary (mentioned above).
  • All of the information we frugal rvers desperately need, such as: propane, internet, free or cheap campsites, free dump stations, free water, showers, places to eat…really, its like having them with you in your rv!
  • Because they love hiking, they tell you about their favorite spots, too.
  • Any book you order comes with a FREE BONUS BOOK on Boondocking Basics
  • Deep discounts if you order 3, 4 or 5 of these books

These are just the “basics” you can expect. Of course, they give even more – PLUS their own photos…

I in no way want to sound like a used car salesman here, but I cannot tell you how amazing these books are and how much detail and hard work went into creating them. No…they aren’t free…but they are extremely affordable (amazingly so, given what you get!). This is a cheap rv living site and recommending you purchase one or all of these ebooks is not wasting your funds – these books will save you tons of money and time, when planning to rv in these areas of the country. Check them out at the link I posted at the start of this article.

Of course, they guarantee your satisfaction 100% and will issue you a refund…but, believe me, there will be no disappointment! There is no risk in giving them a try and if you plan to visit these boondocking locations, you will be so relieved to have them in your rv.

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