Our Camper Remodeling Ideas – RV Dinette Cushions And More

Ok…time to get organized on our cheap rv blog. Before this site was up and running, I was writing a lot on article sites…sharing tips, telling stories and what not. Not knowing if I could ever pull off a blog all by my lonesome, I started on these sites with a BANG…and a bang it was, because two of my most popular articles that are searched by rvers are NOT ON MY BLOG! Live and learn, live and learn…

Anyway, one of our proudest accomplishments was buying this Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, dull, dusty, dingy and drab interior and all, and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing haven for very little money. THAT is what cheap rv living is all about, right? Yeah…problem is, again, that these articles are on other sites, getting tons of traffic daily!

So this post is a way to “get organized” – for those who have little money to spend but want that nice ambiance in the frugal rv living life. I plan to put more ideas up in the future, but for the sake of this short post, we will simply recap and get you up to speed on what we pulled off (we also got quite fit doing our rv remodel…and people PAY to work out…silly society!):

THERE ARE ARTICLES ON THIS BLOG: We have a category on the right called “RV Remodeling & Decorating” where you can find miscellaneous articles, tips and great pics on things we accomplished in our motorhome we call “Joey.”

NO SEWING NEEDED, RV DINETTE CUSHIONS: Our proudest accomplishment, a staple gun transformed our rv dinette for very little cost. SEE THE ARTICLE HERE

CHEAP MOTORHOME WINDSHIELD DRAPES: Can you imagine the cost to replace those fabric windshield curtains? Yeah…out of our budget! See how cheaply we replaced them. SEE THE ARTICLE HERE

So there you have it…we are all caught up now on the rv decorating tips…but have no fear, there are more articles to come. I’ve told Jim many times we could make a living buying cheap campers and adding our frugal rv facelifts to them…then selling them to earn some extra spending money. We are NOT HANDY mind you…but we do have the cheap rv mindset.

Hope you enjoy all of the tips!

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2 Responses to Our Camper Remodeling Ideas – RV Dinette Cushions And More

  1. dave says:

    We have started our makeover, excellent tip regarding dinette coverings, thankin’ ya..