Our Best RV Sites Pick For July 2012 – Technomadia!

Technomadia is the web home of Cherie and Chris, two full-time RVers who have a tremendously impressive site. They have been on the road together since 2006 and have been adding to their site as their technomadic lives continue. They started off in a small camper that they had specially designed and built so they could travel lightly, pulling it with a small SUV, and make a living doing what they loved – technology. You see, Chris and Cherie are two of those rare people that you realize the world needs more of – talented, smart, kind, funny, and spirited.

Cherie And Chris Of Technomadia


After deciding that they needed more space, they are currently living in a converted GM bus, and just passed the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of their new home on wheels. Looks like they have a lot more room now, with beautiful photos to prove it, and it’s fun to read about the process they went through to get the bus (it was already converted to an RV) back in shape and then redone to fit their personalities. But that’s just a small part of their site. We were attracted to the site a couple of years ago because they are a non-retired couple living their dream, they were relying on technology to make a living while RVing, they loved cats (their cat Kiki has a blog just like our cat Spot!), and above all they were unconventional.

The site is a wealth of information about technical aspects of RVing, and lots of practical information too. They are truly techno-whizzes, and among their talents is programming apps for smartphones and software for computers – they have a separate company and website for the business side of their life called Two Steps Beyond. They also have consolidated much of the info on their site into a section that is also available as an e-book, but only if you want to contribute – it’s free for the reading.

Their blog posts chronicle their life’s course over the past few years, and they have a really great section on other non-retired couples who are living in similar ways. Their site is attractive to look at, interesting, informative, and fun. As an added plus, if you’ve ever wondered how to give up shampoo, Cherie can tell you – she hasn’t shampooed her hair for 4 years, and Chris is likewise a no-poo user. You’ll just have to read about it on their web site. We’re not going to tell you it all here…go on over and check their site out yourself!

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