My All Time Favorite Painting Tips In Our RV Remodel

A month ago I mentioned we were touching up this and that in the rv…and I still have a few posts to share on our rv redecorating. Here is one of the most important ones, because paint was our very best friend when we turned Joey, our Fleetwood Bounder, into the handsome devil he is in the summer of 2011…

So here are some of our favorite painting tips we’ve learned:

FORGET PAINTER’S TAPE, STEAL A PAINTBRUSH FROM A KID – Oh, I’m just kidding about the stealing part…The photo below shows the exact paintbrush you want to get your hands on. None of the others work correctly, but the beauty in the picture is the one you’ve got to have. It is hard/firm, wide and thin…no fluffiness to it, stray bristles flying here and there…This one brush eliminated the need for taking time to put painters tape everywhere (unfortunately we discovered this recently, not when we really needed to know about it when painting the entire motorhome!). I don’t know about you, but even when I use that blue paint tape I still get seepage underneath and sometimes the paint comes off with it when I peel it off! But with this little gem I get the perfect line with no mistakes. In some areas, I pull it straight down. Other areas allow me to run it along the line. Would I use it to paint a two story house? No…that would take a long time. But doing a little room at a time, or small area, this paintbrush is the BEST!

The paintbrush on the plate is the one you want!


YOU CAN PAINT THE FLOOR OF YOUR RV AND GET RID OF THAT DISGUSTING CARPET – I wrote an article about this before the blog was totally “running” so I will merely put a link so you can read it and check out the pics. It is here: RV Carpet Replacement Tip – Throw It Out And Paint The Camper Floor! We hated our living room carpeting so we merely ripped it up, painted the floor a deep chocolate brown (much easier to clean) and then you can get a cute, cheap throw rug or whatever you want (if you so desire).

The dark brown floor at bottom of photo is the painted plywood


WITH A CAN OF KILZ, YOU CAN RULE THE WORLD (or at least your rv makeover) – Yes, Kilz is where it’s at in an old motorhome like ours. We didn’t just paint over the wallpaper in each room, we painted over wood cabinets (without sanding them…yeah!). We used a flat Kilz for everything BUT painting the floor – we needed oil based on that because the plywood drank it up. But honestly, if you want fun and funky cabinets in the bedroom…put on some Kilz, paint them a color to match your bedspread or what have you, spray paint over the brass handles and you will have a new look for next to nothing.

On our…um…”budget” we always went with cheap, flat paint and it works just fine. So from floors to cabinets to walls you can transform the entire look of your rv completely on the cheap. We’ve posted many articles and pics of our rv remodel in our redecorating category on this blog, so be sure to check them out. If you have questions, just leave a comment!

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