How Do We Define Prudent? Printable Coupons!

If you look to define prudent, you will be full of common sense, careful, practical and manage your future with care. You need to be prudent when living the cheap rv lifestyle, meaning the days of grabbing for credit cards, overspending and mismanaging your finances are over. Aside from being more responsible, you need to stop overlooking ways to save money. Enter printable coupons into the picture….

On The Road To A New Future - Say Goodbye To Old Habits

Remember the days when you needed an oil change and you’d just pull into a quick lube on your way home? Who cares if another oil change business in your town charges ten dollars less on a daily basis, you’ve got a credit card! However, if you only had 37 dollars in your wallet, would you have pulled in there without making a few quick phone calls to compare prices? Absolutely not!


Sorry…didn’t mean to yell…but we cannot emphasize this enough. You have been living your life one way for so long, you can’t help but keep falling back into old, unhealthy patterns. But you need to stop, starting today. So many people never simplify their lives or try frugal rv life because they don’t think they can afford it. But if you actually took every opportunity each day that came your way, you would save a fortune each month.

Printable coupons are absolutely a necessity of cheap rv living, unless you are completely able to sustain life without setting foot in a store – that would be different! With the popularity of the internet, major stores now all have websites with printable coupons. In addition, if you like or need certain brands (let’s say you just have to use Crest toothpaste, for some reason) – go there and print a coupon before you go to the store.

At first it will take time to get into a rhythm, but unless you need five hundred different brands of items weekly, you are going to bookmark the sites you use and print coupons before you go to the store.

Let me interject here that we are not talking about extreme couponing and spending 5 hours a day doing this. We are merely suggesting that for the regular brands you must have, go to the website and print the coupon. We need gluten free breads, which are very expensive, and save a bundle taking a few seconds to print coupons for the items.

If you’re going to a hair salon chain, quick lube or even buying items for your dog at Petco, take a few minutes to check the coupons before you go. Also, large grocery store chains, Walmart and other places also have printable coupons each week for many things in their store – so browse while having your morning coffee.

The problem is that people think it is too time consuming. But if you are saving, and this is conservative, $25/week do you truly not want or need that extra $100/month?

That said, here is how to NOT use printable coupons. Do not buy more expensive products, just to use coupons. That is what the companies want, but if you can get 50 cents off of super cool new razors that cost $5.00 when your favorite brand costs $3.00…just say no! Only search for coupons for brands you absolutely will not give up on. Don’t start something new, unless it is cheaper than what you currently use.

Here are some other tips – Over time we’ve learned the most affordable places to buy the products we need, such as at the Dollar Tree, a few grocery stores (that often provides paper products even cheaper than dollar stores), Amazon for online goods, etc. We pretty much know where we will go for household items, meats, dairy, produce and paper products, to get the best deals. We do this weekly, due to limited storage space. It only takes a few hours and we are all stocked up for another seven days. Coupons help bring down the already low prices on items we buy.

In sum – use printable coupons to save on items you already buy, not to entice you to spend money you don’t need to. Take time to go to different stores for the items you need, don’t be at the mercy of just one that makes up for that meat sale by raising prices on other groceries. Be prudent!

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