Frugal RV Travel AND Boondockers Welcome – Our Picks For May 2012

Frugal RV Travel is a home-grown and owner-operated website that focuses on “Adventurous And Affordable RV Travel,” and it’s our RV site of the month for so many wonderful reasons. One big reason is that not only does the site offer some of the most helpful information on rving you will find, they also created another site that shares an extensive list of free boondocking sites. So our May 2012 Site of The Month is actually TWO, compliments of one fantastic couple who are devoted to helping other rvers just like us.

Randy And Marianne Of “Frugal RV Travel” and “Boondockers Welcome”


The owners and operators are Randy and Marianne, a Canadian couple who live in southern Ontario half the year and rv around the North American continent the other half. Their site features loads of great information about how to travel on the cheap and live frugally while doing so. They themselves roam the countryside in a Class B RV, which undoubtedly helps them save on gas in addition to allowing them to maneuver into some gorgeous country. One of the benefits of their smaller RV is its mobility – basically anywhere a standard passenger car or truck can go, they can, too.

They Show You How You Can Have This Type Of Gorgeous Setting Daily In Your RV Lifestyle


But the information they provide on their site applies to all RVers, whether your camper is big or small – and there is a lot of good stuff to be found (be prepared to spend a lot of time visiting and taking in all of their helpful information).  They have major sections covering affordable adventures, destinations, buying an RV, free camping, and frugal travel. They have tips on how to travel in a used RV and not worry about breakdowns, why and how to boondock, and many, many more tips that they generously share with their readers.

Or What About Waking Up To This View Everyday?


What caught my eye recently (I hadn’t visited in a while) is a brand new site that they have developed called Boondockers Welcome – Be My Guest RV Parking.


It’s a variation on an online phenomenon which lets vacationers swap lodging all over the world, similar to couch-surfing. For RVers, you simply join and then you can see if there’s a kind soul in the area of North America (or the world…they are growing into an international site…if you could only drive that rv over water!) you are heading to – who might have a space for you and your RV for a night or two. The owners came up with the idea because they RV part of the year and have a spot where other RVers could stay.

If you own property, you can offer a boondocking spot. If you don’t, you can join and look for free spots. Right now the membership is free (for a lifetime if you have a spot, for 2 years if you’re a user only). When they reach their goals for membership they plan to charge a small fee to join. It’s a great idea that somebody had to think of, and they did – the site looks great, too. It is hard to imagine how much work went into this amazing, beautifully laid out list of boondocking sites. Thank you Frugal RV Travel!

Thank you Randy and Marianne, for inspiring others to take the leap of faith into frugal rv living. So many people out there know life is too short and that people can and do “make it” in an rv – but as we all know, that initial jump can be terrifying. The more stories we can share about those who have done it, the more lives that will be forever changed – we truly believe that!


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2 Responses to Frugal RV Travel AND Boondockers Welcome – Our Picks For May 2012

  1. Lana Pettey says:

    I Love Boondockers Welcome. I almost stayed with one of the generous folks but found this rv park before getting to Texas.

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Thanks for visiting and posting! For reasons mentioned in many of our posts, we aren’t able to be mobile right at the moment due to family obligations, grief and the like. But cannot wait to use the site in the future, which will definitely get brighter one day! See ya over on Wizzley, Lana…thanks again for visiting us…Robin and Jim