Dog Is My Copilot. CAT Is My Copilot? RVing With Our Pets

Spot And Hannah Copilot The Motorhome

What can we say…rving with our pets is anything but dull. We have a gigantic cat named Spot, who is the leader of the tribe. Then we have his little feline girlfriend, Toto, (we lost sweet Toto in April 2012) who continually spreads her love around, sleeping with the dog or Spot, and is a girlie-girl kitty all the way. Finally, we have ten year-old neurotic Hannah. She loves people but hates other female dogs…really hates other females…so that keeps us on our toes.

They Love The Motorhome Dashboard, Even When They Are In The Wrong Bed

We feel we’ve got rving with cats and dogs down to a science. When we need extra breathing room, Hannah LOVES to spend time in the cheap van we bought, to use while we are in Illinois. She has always loved cars and trucks, dragging us over to the car so she can go in for a few hours. Some of our rving with a cat tips are HERE.

Spot Thinks He Is Small - That's Him On The Center Console In The RV

As for our rv cats, they seem to love motorhome life. In the nice weather, however, we have a portable cat shelter so they can safely enjoy the fresh air. We also have harnesses and leashes, but often they just stare at us when we put them on, while they remain sitting in one spot.

Spot is the definition of a character. For some laughs, look at his photo gallery HERE.

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