What Crisis 2012? No Better Time To Be In An RV Than Now

We’ve been doing this fulltime RVing thing now for almost 3 years, starting back in the fall of 2009. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve never regretted our decision to simplify our lives and live in a different way than we did in the past. We have downgraded in nearly every way we possibly can, and we are as frugal as we can be without being miserably thrifty. We’re not misers – we eat out a couple of times a week and have a few creature comforts now and then – but being frugal means that you eat at places where you know how to get by cheaply.

We pay cash for everything we buy, and we don’t buy anything we don’t need. We are driving a disposable car, and we only drive at all when absolutely necessary. We try to buy clothes when we need them at thrift stores, because as Thoreau said, any event you need new clothes for can’t be a good thing (I’m paraphrasing, of course). We buy books, read them, and then resell them, and do the same with DVDs, so they are very close to being free. All in all, we are living in a way that doesn’t require a lot of money, and we stay within our budget.

There are certain aspects of our former life that I remember and shudder to think about. Having credit cards that are not maxed out means that you never have to think about what you’re spending as long as you’re not being absolutely extravagant. In fact, it’s that slow creep of debt that builds up over the years that will get you in trouble. And that’s what has brought the world to the brink of an economic crisis, 2012 or the next year or the next – the slow creep that happens while you’re not really paying attention.

We have all heard about the predictions by the ancient Mayans of the world ending in 2012, and supposedly by others, and we’re all waiting with an uneasy feeling to see what happens this year. And if the long emergency, as James Kunstler calls it, continues, and the slow creep just keeps on sliding downhill and nothing dramatic happens, then we want to know what will happen in 2013. I can truthfully and accurately predict that if there is not a crisis, 2012 style, that there will not be one in 2013. Instead, people and governments will continue spending money they don’t have, using resources as if they were endless, and making new things for all of us good consumers to buy to keep the economy going.

If you really want to avoid a financial crisis, 2012 is the time to start. Whatever happens in these times of crisis, you’ll be better off with less stuff, less debt, less worry, and less of a burden on your shoulders. Try to see the beauty in simple living. Want what you have, and have what you want – then you don’t need much of anything else. If you have valuable skills, keep them sharp. If you don’t, learn something practical – it will serve you well when things start to fall apart. And rest assured, falling apart is happening, slowly but surely.

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