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Here is a tip on how to get free DVDs when livin’ the cheap rv living life. Actually, even if you aren’t rvers, you might like this idea, too! It has nothing to do with downloading, watching online or anything like that. No, it is the prehistoric trend of actually taking a DVD and putting it into a player to watch it! Remember those days? Where you had something tangible you could hold in your hand, with artwork and inserts? Need I say RECORD ALBUMS?!? Ah, that’s a topic for another day (sigh).

tvSo let me start by explaining why I even began on this quest of how to get free DVDs. It was quite by accident. You see, even before we became rvers, we weren’t tv folks at all…never watched it. But we did like popcorn and movies, documentaries and the like. Those we would watch in bed on a cold winter’s night. Once in our motorhome, there were plenty of evenings when the sun set early and we wanted to relax…but we could only watch the movies we brought on board so many times…they were getting old!

Also, to further complicate matters, watching/downloading movies was impossible. First, our Verizon Mifi bill would be about $3000/month if we continuously downloaded movies (unlike the unlimited GB we had in our old house). Second, when in the mountains getting an internet signal is nearly impossible. So enter my free DVD tips and journey…

WHAT TO GET: That is up to you. We have gotten into the habit of watching Seasons of tv shows/learning programs, etc. that we actually enjoy. To our amazement, there are some good ones out there including old tv shows that have been put into seasons now. You can do this with individual movies too, of course. This step isĀ  completely dependent on your taste.

HOW TO START: Using the season example, let’s say that you have always wanted to watch the tv series “ER.” Your initial investment (I’ll get to the free part, hold on) will be to be patient and scour ebay and Amazon until you find a great deal on Season 1 (if you don’t want a lull in tv viewing, get the first 2 seasons…you’ll see why later). Honestly, if you check for a couple of days, you will find a reasonable listing somewhere.

THE PROCESS: The reason I suggest getting 2 seasons to begin with is that once Season 1 is over, now you will list it on Amazon (easy, easy to do…easier than ebay) and it will sell quickly. You are watching Season 2 while selling Season 1 and BUYING Season 3. See the pattern? You never run out and your proceeds from the selling one season go toward the next. Then rinse and repeat until you’ve watched all 15 seasons!

HOW IS THIS FREE?: This process is free in a variety of ways. In fact, sometimes we have MADE money…getting a profit for watching tv? Nice! First, when you begin, you need to buy at a bargain. Sometimes on ebay, people sell a “lot” like the first 4 seasons super-cheap. Begin with a good deal…be patient. Now let’s say after watching all of ER you are done with tv watching forever. When you sell back your last movie, it should compensate for your initial investment. However, there have been shows where we KEEP all of the seasons, then sell the entire collection on Amazon…often for a big price (people pay more for the convenience of getting them all at once vs. buying individually). All 15 seasons of ER, for example, would fetch you close to $300 (note, those big sales take longer to sell…don’t panic, but don’t think if you list all 15 seasons it will sell tomorrow). Finally, I’ve mentioned Swagbucks before on this blog…we build up credits for searching the web, then trade in our credits for $5 Amazon cards, which we put toward a Season of a show we like. So when we start this process, if we use Swagbucks, we’ll have no initial investment and will keep buying the next season with proceeds from the sale of the last season we watched. Simple!

AHHHH…BUT I’M NOT BY A MAILBOX! You can still succeed at this cheap rv living tip, but you have to adjust accordingly. In your case, it is best to invest in a larger collection all at once, watch it all, sell it and get your money back. You have to be by a mailbox sometime at some point…so invest up front, sell it when you are done and it is convenient, then take those earnings and buy a new collection.

If you go the seasons route, like we are, there is one more how to get free DVDs tip I will share. Comedies like “The Office,” which we love, are very short with no commercials. You can plow through a season very quickly, so adjust accordingly with how many seasons you order based on if the show was 30 or 60 minutes, number of episodes, etc.

Again, we have never been tv folks, but in this long, cold winter we’ve appreciated watching shows we enjoy when the sun sets so early and you can’t sit outside without freezing. If you have other tips to share, please do so in the comments!

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