Cheap RV Decorating Tips – Those Ugly, Brass RV Cabinet Handles

So last summer, we had a lot of rv renovating to do. Our motorhome, Joey, was quite blah inside…so we gave him an entirely new look, from head to toe? Anyway…one of the things I hated was BRASS HANDLES…dozens and dozens of them everywhere! Ahhhhh! Brass just ain’t my “thing.”

However, we had so much to do to make him livable, I didn’t have time to spend weeks on rv cabinet handles alone. So I cheated. I KNEW it wouldn’t hold for years and years via my method, but it worked for me! Really, do you have any idea how many cabinet handles are in a recreational vehicle??!! It is ridiculous!

If You Hate Your RV Cabinet Handles, You Have To Get This Stuff!


So we did invest the time (lots of it) required to remove each and every handle. Took forever…but I promise, after you read this post, you will see you only have to do this ONCE in your lifetime!! Basically, I got firm and flat surfaces (metal trays, pieces of plywood, etc.) and set up all of the handles on end. I did NOT, as they recommend, sand them all so paint would stick. Just did not have the time as we were gutting the whole rv.

Then I found the perfect camouflage spray paint. Looking for sleek, solid colors wouldn’t work given I wasn’t “doing it right.” So I wanted the look of texture to cover up my obvious avoidance of quality work.

No More Brass Handles…Yeah!!


I found a product by Rustoleum called HAMMERED (no jokes…but the state of mind we were in, getting HAMMERED provides endless opportunity for laughs). It comes in tons of colors to choose from. I chose two: a textured, creamy white for the kitchen and a dark gray for the rest of the rv.


Moving on….so I already stated I didn’t sand the handles. I lined them up on a tray and spray painted the heck out of each and every one. I left them in the sun all day, until I was sure they were dry. Then I asked Jim if he wouldn’t mind screwing back in 50 handles!! hahaha…..

That was then. Now on to present day. 16 months later, after many bangs and dings, some brass showed through on the handles. Not a lot, but enough to annoy me. Jim was ready to run away at the thought of removing them all again. I assured him I would find another way…and I did!! A “Hammered” touch up did the trick!

I kept the lids from 16 months ago, to be sure I got the right color. Then I came home and sprayed a little at a time into a bowl (don’t try styrofoam, the stuff ate right through it!). At first I tried a little paint brush, but it wouldn’t stick. Then I figured it out…the Dollar Tree carries a large pack of sponge brushes in various sizes for…um…one dollar. I got a little one out, dabbed it in the small pool of spray paint, and it instantly became gummy and stuck. I swear I touched up every handle in under 30 minutes! They look fantastic!

Now I know I don’t have to wait 16 months to freshen up the rv cabinet handles. I have plenty of leftover spray paint and still have some paint sponges. Whenever they need it, I’ll give them a quick dab and they’ll look like new. You’d be amazed at how much nicer the motorhome looks by eliminating all of that brass on the cabinet handles. For a can of cheap spray paint and one dollar in sponges, it is sooooooooo worth it!


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