Best RV To Live In Full Time – Do We Need More Than One?!

So what is the best rv to live in full time? Welp, when we had a travel trailer, our first rving experience when we walked away from the hamster wheel of life, we would have voted “travel trailer.” Actually, if our first taste of freedom in 2009 had been merely two pair of roller skates and a cardboard box to sleep in, probably would have voted for them, too.

We’re still learning each day about what is the best rv for full timers like us. After 20 months living in “Ward” our travel trailer, we decided in summer 2011 to get “Joey,” a large Class A motorhome. They were both quite similar in age, layout and length – just more room in the Class A and some “luxuries” and perks we enjoyed better. Our favorite was the ability to pull in a site, turn off the motor and be done. We are still in Joey today.

But Jim and I have had many discussions lately (many, MANY of ’em) about the best RVS to live in full time (emphasis on the plural, having more than one). Now we know that is just ridiculous, it certainly isn’t simplifying your life and it is not cheap rv living in any way. Yet…we ponder on because we haven’t been able to find a solution.

As for Joey, our Fleetwood Bounder – warts and all, he is our “home.” He stores our music gear/PA system, we have to work online so need elbow room, we have a big 13 year old dog and gigantic cat on board. In sum, the way our life is today, we need the space at this point, no question about it.

But soon (May 2013) we will finally be getting back to our home in Glacier Park, Montana, after family emergencies and suddenly losing my mom kept us away for these past 15 months…and Joey is not the best rv to live in full time there during May through October, given his size. I crave the back country and sleeping in it, not just day driving through it, with its steep narrow roads you are afraid to drive even a compact car over. Love being off the grid around Glacier – but you just can’t access those gems with a gigantic motorhome like we have. So our roomy home, come May, becomes a gigantic anchor tied to our ankles.

Dad Sent Me This Pic From His Porch Last Month – This Is Beautiful Glacier Park In Winter


I was browsing The Good Luck Duck’s blogroll today, and came across this great rv blog, Life In A Volkswagen Bus. When I saw his VW and read about his lifestyle, viewpoints, mobility and freedom I was inspired, yet there I was back in the “I can’t solve this” dilemma. Living in the moment and living the simple life are what we did this for, so to feel stress over a motorhome means something is out of balance in me. Things shouldn’t feel complicated if we are doing this right. His eloquent and soothing words got me focused again. His experiences made me determined, however, to not give up on finding the true simplicity I yearn for…must keep checking in on his blog, for sure.

To access those off the grid camping sites in grizzly bear country this summer, we need an old pickup with truck camper on top or a campervan or……..

Here are the ideas we came up with so far – any comments are much appreciated:

  • Consider letting go of the motorhome and taking the money from that and getting a pickup, 5th wheel/travel trailer and a very cheap/old truck camper that we take out when in Montana, but put in storage when not in Montana 6 months per year. That way, we also have a vehicle year round, which we currently do not (we just have Joey).
  • Keep Joey, but get an old campervan for only when we are in Montana, to use as a car and to access the back country.
  • Get two pair of roller skates and a cardboard box (see beginning of article reference, haha).

So there you have it. One day, I feel certain we will go smaller and be more portable, but for now we have to think outside of the box once more. Hell, if we could do it in 2009 with house, cars, debt and jobs to unload, we can certainly handle this one, can’t we?

We are aware that modern truck campers are amazing these days – with amazing price tags as well. Saw one at Bowman Lake in Glacier (a very inaccessible and rugged camping spot) and couldn’t believe how BIG those little guys are! But Joey is all we have to work with in our cash only (and little of it) lifestyle, and that’s fine…but it takes creativity and some common sense.

There is nothing worse to me than being on the outer perimeter of Glacier and wanting to get IN it, but having no way to do it with a big 30 foot motorhome. So can you see why right now it seems the best rv for fulltimers like us is a couple of rvs? Are we missing something?

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