Trafton Park, Malta, Montana – Day Two In Our Frugal RVing Journey

OCTOBER 8, 2011

Say Hello To The Gigantic Penguin In Cut Bank, Montana

Greetings, Mates! After a tearful goodbye to Marias Pass and Glacier National Park, we headed east on Highway 2. Did I mention we are making this journey to Illinois taking all of the back roads? No interstates for Joey! A much more peaceful driving experience in a motorhome, vs. the crazy urban people that make my tranny oil boil over. I do have quite a temper sometimes, so it is best to keep me on two lane roads in the bush.

Our travels east took us through East Glacier, Browning, Cut Bank (as you can see in the photo), Shelby and other little remote villages I forget. We, or should I say “I” drove about 280 miles, with the dingo standing on my center console the entire trip. She is a bit hyper, and reminded me a bit of the Tasmanian Devils from down under.

Entrance To Trafton City Park

We stopped for the afternoon and evening in Trafton City Park, in Malta, Montana. This little park is quite interesting. It is extremely quiet and cheap, with no true campsites, but the city tells you to just pick a spot. There are water spigots, so being very dehydrated, I pulled up next to one for the night. There is no electric, however, so my generator was working for a bit. It costs only $3.00 per night to camp here – they’ll need those savings to compensate for how much I enjoy a nice, stiff drink of unleaded gasoline – continually.

Later that evening, while the sun was beginning to set, I yelled out “Crikey! Something just hit me in my bloomin’ head!” As it turns out, I was parked in the middle of a frisbee golf course and an idiot who is none to good at the sport, launched the yellow plastic disc right into my head. Luckily, no permanent damage was done. Frisbee golf – what an American sport! Try to throw a plastic plate into a basket…wow, how thrilling. Now Wallaby rolling, that’s a sport!!

Our Campsite At Trafton Park In Malta, Montana

The sites are truly grass/mud sites, so Ward wouldn’t have been very level if he had taken my owners on this journey. You hardly notice when inside of me, so we did just fine pulling in and parking.

All in all, with the frisbee incident being the exception, we had a nice drive and enjoyed staying at Trafton Park for the night. We hope to make it to Minot, North Dakota tomorrow – so I better get some rest.

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