RVing From Wahpeton, ND Zoo To Rochester, Minnesota

On The Road Again, With Dingo At My Side

OCTOBER 11, 2011

G’day Mates! We are on the road again. My owners are thrilled that I have got them this far, in one piece, with no surprises or breakdowns out in the bush. We left the zoo, again taking the back roads, following 9 to 12 to 71, then getting lost for a bit, then finding our campground in the dark, but getting lost again. It was a long drive today and everyone was as cranky as a crocodile with a toothache. But once settled into a campsite on our final evening on the road, the celebratory alcohol was poured.

The day involved a nice lunch stop at Ambush Park, in Benson, Minnesota. With no one around, Jim, Robin and Dingo walked around – there is even camping there, when in season. I was bored waiting for them, so just sat and read the signs, discovering that the serene location was the site of a huge massacre. Later in the day, we stopped for a $215.00 gasoline snack in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. My owners were happy to see I am still averaging 9.22 miles per gallon. This is the last gasoline stop now, so they can breathe a sigh of relief.

Serene Ambush Park In Benson, Minnesota

Serene...Until The Massacre, That Is

Yes, The Story Continues On The Other Side Of This Sign

It was difficult to find a campsite – the further east we went, the less chance of free or cheap campgrounds. Wanting to be showered and rested when arriving at the family’s house the next day, my owners decided to splurge on an rv park that had all hookups, showers, etc. We stopped for the night in Rochester, Minnesota. The people at Autumn Woods RV Park were very nice, but it wasn’t their style. I looked a little old and out of place, next to these big rvs, but in the morning, to my surprise…another Fleetwood Bounder, just like me! All the way across the rv park, it was like looking in a mirror, though I’m more handsome, of course. You can see him in the photo.

Another Fleetwood Bounder, Just Like Me!

Jim Admiring Me At Autumn Woods RV Park

So sweet dreams for now – tomorrow I will be sleeping in a driveway, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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