RV Parking At Walmart, Minot, ND – Day 3 Of Our Cheap RVing Journey

OCTOBER 9, 2011

Joey Goes Four Wheel Driving Down Highway 2

Day three – a lovely day for a Fleetwood Bounder like me. We left Malta, Montana with clear skies, open roads (and the dingo still acting as copilot).

We flew down the highway with the grace of a croc floating on water. Passing through Glasgow and Wolf Point, Montana, we were recognizing our time in Montana was almost over.

Then US Highway 2 sort of disappeared into what you see on the right. Just…gone. For miles and miles we bounced around like a Joey that ate too much sugar. Plates rattled, drawers slid open, the dingo looked ill because she was unable to stay on four paws. It wasn’t the best part of our journey.

We crossed into North Dakota, amazed at all of the oil “pop up” towns everywhere. Never seen so many rvs parked here and there. Everyone is working in North Dakota these days, and there is no hope for finding any campsite along the northern route through the state. Poor North Dakota – in addition to no camping due to all of the oil workers populating towns like Williston and Minot, the 2011 floods pretty much wiped out any normal campgrounds that were left. So we knew we would be staying at Walmart overnight, because there were no other places to camp unless you decided to start drilling for oil.

Driving through Williston, Jim noticed my gas tank was starting to get closer to “E.” As is typical when traveling, two things happen in this scenario. The gas gauge, that used to fall steadily, now plummets each mile you go. In addition, gas stations suddenly disappear. Keep in mind, my owners have no idea yet what kind of gas mileage I get, so frantically searching for gas stations, they are trying to calculate how many miles they can go to the next town if I get this many miles to the gallon, etc…it was absolutely hilarious.

Our Parking Spot At The Walmart (Minot, ND)

We pulled into the charming village of Ray, North Dakota, which basically consisted of one gas station. For a mere $239.00 I consumed 66.4 gallons of gas (I’m a thirsty bloke!). Robin, quickly grabbing the calculator, determined I averaged 9.12 miles per gallon, much better than they had feared. Even when they pulled my cousin Ward around the country, they didn’t do much better. Yes, I am a far superior machine, but don’t tell my cousin.

There is nothing like the white noise of rain to help us all sleep better – and sleep we did. Rv Camping At Walmart was quite quiet for such a big store. We all enjoyed listening to the raindrops – almost as much as one would enjoy listening to the tranquil sound of a snoring emu.


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