Naming Your RV – Why To Avoid Names To Name Your Car, Camper

Well we did it – we sold Joey last week and have decided to put together our reasons to avoid finding names to name your car, rv or whatever in the future! We’ve had so many things going on while our possessions are now boxed in our family’s garage, feeling “homeless,” scouring craigslist for a new home…we will have to save those stories for another post or two or three! Currently we have a truck and that’s it.

But let’s get back to Joey, our cute, funny Australian Fleetwood Bounder whose wit has filled this cheap rv living blog. He is gone.

A moment of silence please. (moment)

He needed a new roof and was just too big of a financial risk for us on our limited, cash only budget. But when his new family came to pick him up, it hurt just like it did when we sold our first rv, “Ward.” Why? Our theory is that, because we have this obsession to name most every vehicle we’ve owned, they become “alive.” Oh, talking for them on a blog doesn’t help either!!

Here are some of our greatest hits to date:

  • We bought an old Honda that we named “Lulu” and called her “Hondalulu” (why? we do not know)
  • There was Jackie Jeep
  • We had an Award travel trailer named “Ward” so, of course, the truck we pulled with was named “June” – as in the “Leave It To Beaver” cast.
  • There was Joey, of course.

There have been more! I think it is some genetic defect. When I was a little girl, my grandma drove this big, brown and ugly car (no idea what it was). She not only named him “Ashley Farquart” – she wrote a SONG about him! I only remember something like “Ashhh-ley, Ashley Farquart, I’m really hooked on you…..”

Anyway, it is an illness of sorts that we’ve taken so far, we need therapy after our rvs sell! When Ward went down the road with his new owner, I cried like a baby. You’d think I’d be better prepared…but NO!. I couldn’t even go in Joey one last time to say “goodbye.” Just looked out the window and cried, while Jim walked in the house weepy, too.

So in our opinion, thinking up names to give your car, truck or rv is not a good idea. Nope, not one bit. Animating them via a blog is even WORSE.

Oh, by the way, we haven’t found “Wilbur” the 5th wheel yet, but “Mr. Ed” the truck is in the garage, anxiously awaiting Wilbur’s arrival. Damn! Just can’t stop with this naming thing….

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