Moving Down The Road – Fulltime RVing And On The Move…A Few Miles

G’day mates – I am sitting in the middle of the central Illinois woods, and I feel all alone. But my owners evidently like it that way, ’cause there’s not another RV in sight, and they cherish the solitude. It feels like a tropical rain forest here, so I kind of feel at home. It’s lush and green, and the birds sing all day while I fight off the multitudes of bugs that seem to live here. I have baby powder on my tires to keep away the ants, and there’s a wasp trap right behind me. I’ve been giving the Aussie salute to all the flies too. But I’ll admit that the silence is refreshing, and I don’t have to worry about a giant motorhome creeping up beside me in the night. For better or worse, it’s just us here. And it’s been a trip to get here, let me tell you…

No More Being Squished Next To Other RVs!


In my last post I was worried about he new brake lines Bill was putting on. Well, it turned out that my brakes now work just fine, which is a relief, and we left Cerro Gordo and the security of Tom’s RV park there to come to the wilds of Mahomet. Brandyn, who owns this place, said it had everything we needed to survive once he got the electricity problem fixed. The lot I’m on is a concrete pad about 3 times as big as me, with water and septic already set up. There’s also a big pole with power coming into a box. Of course there is a story about the power – there’s always a story.

I'm Looking Good!


An electrician friend of Brandyn’s wired the box for me to have 30 amp service. Trouble was, he wired it for twice as much juice as I can handle – if I was in Australia I’d say he was a no hoper without the full quid. Here in Mahomet, I just say he did a sloppy job and may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. When we arrived and plugged in, my microwave hummed for a minute, then went dead. The power strip plugged in to a bedroom outlet popped and smoked and turned black. Crikey, I was scared! The fridge looked like it was still working, but was damaged as well, which we found out a couple of days later. Jim had  a set of powered speakers plugged in which were also dead. After the electrical problem was fixed by the friend’s dad – another electrician in what’s apparently a family of them – they decided to take me down to Effingham to get the fridge repaired and the converter checked out. We had a nice visit at Ron and Julie’s and Chad the RV repair guy was very helpful.

Look At All Of The Space I Have!


We were up and running with the addition of a new microwave and a repaired fridge, and returned to Mahomet. Ah, back in the peace and quiet. I’m looking forward to some bush telly (that’s a campfire for you Yanks), and some relaxation. Hopefully we will stay here for a while now. Until that asteroid that’s on its way finally hits – OK, just Yankin’ yer chain, mate. Time to say hooroo for now, so keep it between the ditches.

It Is Peaceful Here...

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