Meet Our 5th Wheel, Wilbur – RV Swap A Success!

***This is the last post we will put in Joey’s Journal on our rving blog, now that Joey has gone back to Australia. From now on we will post in “Daily Living In Our RV”*** Well we are FINALLY back in business and have our new (old) truck and new (old) 5th wheel…Mr. Ed the 3/4 ton pickup and Wilbur the fifth wheel Jayco camper. We actually retrieved Wilbur a few weeks ago, having to drive 150 miles one way to get him, but in this cheap rv living lifestyle you have to go where the affordable rvs live – which is NOT in the Chicago suburbs, might I add.

Mr. Ed and Wilbur

Mr. Ed and Wilbur

So we did the rv swap dance – unloaded and cleaned Joey, putting our belongings in the house. Fingers crossed he would sell, which he did. Then shopping for truck first. Got it. Then shopping for the camper. Got it. Then loading all of the possessions you own into the new rv. Then getting maintenance/repairs on new rigs and learning how they operate. Whew!

We Have A Slide, Yeah!

We Have A Slide, Yeah!

So we did all of that in under one month and our brains are piles of goo with very little usefulness left in them. Just in time we hit the highway and left the burbs (family’s driveway) after three months of looking like Cousin Eddie and his family from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We are now back in central Illinois visiting my daughter for three weeks and then…HOME TO GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, MONTANA! Finally!!



IMG_0291We will be posting much more about Mr. Ed and Wilbur, plus what we are learning/liking have a 5th wheel, in the future. For now we are enjoying much needed R & R in our new home. Have toyed with the thought of having Mr. Ed speak in his own section on our rv blog, but it is hard to sound like a horse. Of course I’ve had fun with Jim, speaking to him like Mr. Ed in my best “horse voice” (that’s horse, not hoarse) – but not sure how to capture that magical sound and put it on the blog!

Here is a post from our rv cat, Spot, for entertainment purposes until we post again.

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4 Responses to Meet Our 5th Wheel, Wilbur – RV Swap A Success!

  1. cozygirl says:

    How exciting….and I feel your mush. Making ends meet with all the changes but looks like your on your way and know you can’t wait to get out of IL and back to your home state. We’re right behind you…soon as this dang house sells!!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Now that we arrived back in central Illinois, I was thinking about you just the other day!! Sending positive energy your way on the house sale…so you are free to hit the open road (and no more Illinois winters, right!!??). Please keep in touch/keep us posted!

  2. Karen says:

    How about a video tour of Mr Ed that you can post as a page on your headliner. I know I always like to see the interiors to get ideas for Modifications that make life work better. On the video you could have a blast with the voice! I so want to see this!!

    Getting close to departure date for full timing……9 days!! Woo Hoo

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      That’s a great idea!! Once back home in Montana I can actually find peace/time to give that a try! I shouldn’t admit but I do (in the privacy of our own home) have a habit of making funny voice sounds for our animals, rv, you name it. Yep, I can hear it now…

      9 days until departure!! That is FANTASTIC!! So happy for you. Real living begins in only nine days…please keep us posted and I will keep tabs on your blog.

      Safe travels…Robin and Jim