Leaving Glacier National Park: RV Camping At Summit Campground, Marias Pass


Dog Is My Copilot

Today is the day we leave Montana. Crikey! I can see why Ward, my travel trailer cousin, used to get so frustrated with these people. G’day everyone – this is Joey, Jim and Robin’s 1993 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, here to blog about our journey from Glacier National Park, Montana, to Illinois. Since June of 2011, we’ve been living in Moose Crossing campground, in Marion, Montana. A lot of changes happened. Ward (their Award travel trailer and my cousin) and June (their Nissan Frontier) got hitched and moved away, replaced by “yours truly.” They also lost their traveling companion, Clementine – an adorable yellow lab or “dingo” as I call all them all. A lot of loss, but they gained me! So after months residing in Marion, the day has come and it is time to leave.

This Has Been Our Home From June 2011 - October 2011

Ironically, the big day arrived and was extremely similar to when they left Montana in October 2009 – the weather turned to Wombat doo-doo very quickly, they got their usual late start, nothing went right and then finally we were off! When Jim filled up my 75 gallon gas tank, he was in tears having to pay the $241.00 it took, not knowing if I got 4 miles to the gallon or 12. Of course he knows how to calculate gas mileage but only I KNOW the answer at this starting point, and I’m not telling! Anyway, we drove a whopping 84 miles before the sun disappeared and I pulled off the road to park for a “much needed” good night’s sleep. At this rate, we should arrive in Illinois by March.

The 84 mile trek, beginning in Marion, Montana, involved a dingo named “Hannah” balancing in the exact position you see in this photo. Yes, “Dog Is My Copilot” is an understatement. Jim was a good driver and appeared to be having fun testing windshield wipers, dashboard lights and all of my other bells and whistles. Finally, after a beautiful drive down Highway 2, we came to Summit Campground at Marias Pass, just a bit west of East Glacier, Montana. My big, beautiful eyes lit up the dense forest, which is good, given we were in grizzly bear country. We were the only ones in the campground, which is the way this old bloke likes it.

My owners were entertaining, just as Ward said they would be. Camping in the bush, with no electric hookups, was something new to them. They were as familiar with how I operate as a platypus flying a 747. Being very cold that night, used to my being plugged in to some source of electricity, they couldn’t figure why my furnace wouldn’t just come on magically. Finally, they recognized they needed to get the pilot lit again by turning on my generator. They were quite relieved because it was getting mighty cold. Everyone slept as cozy as a Joey in a kangaroo’s pouch.

G’day Mates! This morning we all woke up to a dusting of snow. Once again, this is exactly the same as when they made this journey with Ward a few years back. Here are some photos of the campground and the historic Marias Pass. It is a lovely place and for $10/night, you cannot beat it. Jim and Robin are just tickled that a motorhome is so much easier than a travel trailer (sorry cousin). Simply pull in and you’re good to go, after you let the dingo out, of course.

That Snow Wasn't There The Night Before!

A Little Snow In The Campsite

Look Closely At Joey's Snow Graffiti In The Sign


Finally, after allowing the dingo to bulldoze her large nose through the snow, “for fun” I am assuming, it was time to say goodbye to Glacier National Park. Though I am excited to meet the family we will see in Illinois, looking at the beautiful Rocky Mountains out my side view mirror made my windows steam up a bit.

Then We Said Goodbye To Glacier National Park

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