Joey’s RV Blog, Day 4: Sleeping At The Wahpeton, ND Zoo in Chahinkapa Park

OCTOBER 10, 2011

That's Me, Joey, In My Campsite - Staring At The Zoo

We left the Walmart in Minot, North Dakota, bright and early, heading for our next destination – the zoo. Crikey, can you believe these people?! Yes, we were going to be driving from Minot almost to the Minnesota border, in a town called Wahpeton, North Dakota.
These people I drive around must be missing the wilds of Montana already, needing to camp right outside of a zoo.

My Campsite At The Zoo

Anyway, today is when we left Highway 2 and took the “scenic route” all day. They had me going 20 miles here, 50 miles there. Honest. we took something like 52 to 281, a short and horrifying jaunt on Interstate 94 for a few miles, off onto the scenic byway of straight up and down hills (if they only knew I got about one mile to the gallon doing these stunts). Then on to 27, 18, 13…I was dizzy by the time we arrived.

The Zoo Entrance - A LIttle Short For A Fleetwood Bounder To Fit Through

There were about six campsites, and the people were friendly – but just couldn’t get over we were parked outside of a zoo. Thought “maybe they can use a dingo in their exhibits” but knew I’d get in trouble. Anyway, this is where we stayed, and it isn’t my job to question.

Other Campers Who Like Camping At Zoos Apparently

So goodnight wallabys, emus, wombats and crocs – see you in the morning!

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