Joey Updates The RV Blog From The Burbs

G’day mates – Joey the Bounder here gabbin’ at ya, updating our cheap rv living blog. Just wanted to let you all know that we finally headed north, back to the land of suburbia, shopping malls, restaurants, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, thrift stores, a boozer on every corner (that’s a pub to all you yanks out there)…according to Jim and Robin, that’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s aces because they would have starved to death these last 2 months out on the prairie without me to take them into the Walmart and Meijer in Champaign, so they will be glad to get back to so-called civilization for a little while.

photo(1)photo(5)It’s a bloody bad thing because, while they will definitely feel relieved to be able to go to the store for bottled water and decent tucker without starting me up and stowing away all the breakables, that “civilization” is the very thing that we all – me included – want to get away from most of the time. To tell you the truth, sometimes I want to head straight for the bush and never look back – the ‘burbs have never been my bowl of rice.

photo(2)photo(4)D and W Lake (where we just left) was a really great place, quiet, peaceful, with a beautiful view over the lake towards the lights of the distant Interstate. I had Jim take pictures (posted here) of it before we left, though I think some angles make me look fat. We had a good time there despite the less than wonderful weather we had most of the time. Hannah loved her daily walks with Robin around the lake, just like all dingos do. Spot the RV cat was amused by the view out of the dashboard – he told me he liked it heaps. And Robin and Jim enjoyed the seclusion and peace of isolation most of the time, even when they ran out of grog and tucker too soon.

But change is the only constant thing, or something like that. So we finally hit the highway and went north, back to driveway camping, as Robin calls it. I call it bloody boring, something bludgers with no other way to spend their time might do, but I know it’s not forever. Soon spring will come here in the land of Lincoln, the trees will bud, the grass will green up, and the weather will be at least tolerable. If I’m lucky, I may not have to run my furnace 24 hours a day. And I do learn a lot just sitting here staring at the spectacle of life in the suburbs, American style. And Jim and Robin promise me that when spring changes to summer, we’ll be headed west again. Hooray, and hooroo!

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2 Responses to Joey Updates The RV Blog From The Burbs

  1. The Duck says:

    I hear ya, mate. My sheilas have me out here in the outback, which suits us all fine.