Joey Update For September 2012 – A Hectic RV Living Month

***Before I let Joey get started, I want to interject that I was gone for 10 days (by train) visiting my dad and his wife Pat “off the grid” in their cabin outside of Glacier National Park. Will be posting on the trip soon, with pictures! Had a great time but not much computer time…will be up and running again soon!***

G’day mates – Joey here with some news for all of you Yanks. As you know, I’m really not prone to yabber – I only speak up once in a while when there’s something to say. Well, we’ve gone on a true walkabout this last week, so I thought I should fill you in on our adventures in Woop Woop. That’s what we call any small town down under, and we have seen quite a few here on the prairies of Central Illinois.

Our trip was a little roundabout, and at first I couldn’t figure out where we were going because we went south. I had heard that we were going to end up near the big city of Chicago, but why were we going to an RV campground in the woods by a lake? I soon found out when, after a quick stop at a garage to get my oil changed, my tranny fluid changed, and generally lubed, we went to the campground, and Chad and his mobile RV and marine repair truck soon pulled up next to me. Jim and Robin had some repairs to get done and didn’t want to do it in Ron’s driveway, so this was the perfect spot. And my timing couldn’t have been better – the remains of Hurricane Issac blew through shortly after Chad had finished, and we hunkered down for the night, getting all wet clean and shiny in a corker of a rain storm.

Next morning we went to Jim’s brother’s house, and I was on familiar ground. While they visited with various anklebiters, I sat parked in the driveway for a couple of days, still baking in the sun. The weather should turn any day now, they kept telling me, but I wasn’t buying it. When we left the day after Robin’s birthday, it was still hot. So we headed north for some electricity and AC. Our next stop was a small town with another lakeside RV park. It was nice to have some quiet time with the owners, and they chilled out and cooled down. After 2 days there we headed a bit farther north to another country RV park, and did some more relaxing with the AC – still no cooldown.

By the time we stopped again in the middle of a real Woop Woop (Gibson City) I was convinced that the heat would never stop. AC was immediately turned on and I spent the night counting the cars going by – well, I tried but lost count after 253. But it was our last stop before heading to our destination for a visit to Grandpa George, and when we had gone that far north, I thought it would be cooler. Guess what? Nope, not until about a week had gone by. By mid-September it finally started to look like the fall had begun. When Robin left for her train trip to Montana to visit her dad, it was still warm enough for Jim to wear shorts, sit outside and have a coldie, but by the time she returned it had stared to be a bit on the chilly side for beer on the patio. And I can tell that the cold season is right around the corner, and I’ll have to remind Jim and Robin to dust off the hottie to stay warm at night – that hot water bottle comes in handy in the Illinois winter.

In another month, I will have been in this state for almost a year. Now, I don’t usually get cranky, but that’s a long time in one place for a Bounder like me. I guess I’ll just have to trust my owners and be patient – there’s lots of  new Woop Woops out there just waiting to be visited.


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