Joey The Bounder Updates The RV Blog, Mates!

Hello everyone, Joey the Fleetwood Bounder here, looking to have a bit of a chinwag with you all. At the end of the first week of December (summertime down under in the good old homeland of Oz), Jim and Robin and me left the big smoke of Chicago in the upper part of the state, and landed down the road here in the cornfields of central Illinois – in the outback yet again. It seems that Fortuna, that fickle goddess of fate, has a few more surprises up her sleeve before we eventually get back to Montana in May.

We enjoyed cooling my wheels in Arlington Heights for a bit, but knew that we couldn’t stay there for the winter, for many reasons that are either too boring or or too painful to go into. After deciding that we needed to start heading south after the post-Thanksgiving cool down up north, we found a camping/RV park just outside of Champaign-Urbana, sitting beside a nice size billabong that’s supposed to be full of nice-sized fish. Not that we could ever go fishing in it in this weather, mind you – sometimes I wonder if my owners aren’t just a few sandwiches short of a picnic, wink wink.

We arrived here ahead of a cold front that moved in on our second full day out here on the prairie. Jim and Robin had conveniently forgotten and were mercilessly reminded of what the wind swooping down from the north can feel like in a drafty, old motorhome like me – can I help it if I’m as full of holes as a dunny out in the bush? Maybe we all got spoiled the last couple of months and too used to the dual comforts of George’s home (where I sat in the driveway like a platypus in its cozy den) and the mild fall weather, but the change was a shock to say the least. I thought I had some experience being out here in the wind after last winter in Cerro Gordo, but here we are even more exposed to the elements, and the strongest winds we have ever felt..

All of us are getting used to the wind as time goes by, even the dingo and the feline, but it still amazes me since I am the one that gets rocked and rolled all day long. And it’s a good thing that we don’t worry too much about stabilizers and jacks and all that malarkey, because it’s plain to anyone that goes through it here that nothing can hold a camper or 5th wheel or motorhome from getting blown around, swaying in the breeze, movin’ to the groovin’, and so on. It’s also a good thing that my rear end is pointing north, so that the wind from up there doesn’t hit me broadside and knock me over like a couple of schooners of grog. And since my nose is facing south, I get the warmth of the sun (when it is shining, of course) and imagine I can see all the way to Sydney on a clear day, so it’s not all bad by any means.

So it’s hooroo for now, I have to make sure I’m all tied down and sewn up tight since another cold snap is coming. Crikey, I love this place!

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2 Responses to Joey The Bounder Updates The RV Blog, Mates!

  1. Poor Joey. You need a jumper and a doona. ONYA for getting your tail pointed in the right direction. My folks nearly froze, and we’re in southern Arizona. No boondocking in this kind of weather! We had to find electricity for my pipes.

    The Duck

    • Cheap RV Living says:


      So good to hear from ya!
      Sorry you’re freezing in the desert, mate! It’s a little embarrassing, but my septic hose froze two days ago – one gigantic tube of ice – and I had to get it thawed in the rv garage at the campsite! Watching my owners carry it across the park was funnier than a dingo impersonating Paul Hogan! Stay warm, Duck – we Bounders can be fragile blokes in harsh weather! Love, Joey