Joey Arrives In Cerro Gordo, Illinois – Our Full Time Winter RVing Spot

Hi Folks!

Joey, the Fleetwood Bounder here, letting you know that we all arrived safe and sound in Cerro Gordo, Illinois. This will be our main home base throughout the winter.

Yes, before signing up for this job, I heard from my cousin, Ward, that Jim and Robin aren’t known for taking the easy path. While most rvers head south for the winter, these fools choose the cold and snow. However, they did survive full time winter rving in the Rockies last year, so I’m sure they won’t let me freeze to death. That said, my cousin was Canadian, and I am Australian. I’m not used to this whole “freezing” concept – hope I make it through.

Joey Looking Good In The First Campsite We Pulled In To

For now, the weather is mild, so we have time to prepare for the cold and the snow. When we pulled into this small rv campground, 4 of the 6 sites had rvers. The campground actually closes October 31st, but the nice owners allowed us to stay. The site that is appropriate for winter was taken, so we pulled into a back site for the first week.

That's The Pretty Little Motorhome The Owners Have, Next To Me

However, as the days went by, the rvs began to leave. I don’t know what they meant by this, but they would all chuckle as they pulled out, and kept saying “good luck” in a really interesting tone I wasn’t familiar with. I’m used to the sarcastic tone of a hippo, and this was sort of similar. Then we got a surprise – the owners are going to Arizona, too! Apparently, Jim and Robin thought they stay all winter as well…but nope! So in the next few days, I will be the only rv in the campground. I sort of miss having the other motorhomes to talk to, but the garbage trucks and school buses always say hello as they pass me by.

This Is The Entire Length Of The Campground

In case you are wondering, we are next to the little club house to help with snow and wind this winter. In the summer, they play cards inside, have laundry, showers and all of those nice things.

"Talk To The Butt" - Our Winter RV Site

So that is all I can report for now. We moved into our permanent site today, so this is “it.” Will post on occasion, to fill you in on how things are going. Crikey, this is gonna be an interesting winter!

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