Hmmmm….Never Seen THAT Before…Doesn’t Usually Happen HERE

G’day Mates –

This is Joey, Jim and Robin’s Fleetwood Bounder, here to update you on how life in the motorhome (me) is going.

I remember their former home (my cousin, Ward, the Award travel trailer) and the stories I chuckled at, when reading Ward’s blog. When they were in central Illinois, they were attacked by Asian lady beetles, that look cute like ladybugs, but they bite and stink when squashed. Then, in North Carolina, the first snowfall in ages happened when they were camping there. Let’s see, they decided to winter in Montana last year, and had one of the most wicked winters seen in ages, with record snowfall. You get where I’m going with this, right mate?

Well we haven’t experienced quite the same drama as of yet, but we also haven’t been here long. Our first month in the rv park in Cerro Gordo resulted in record winds, like hurricane force wind, constantly…day after day. Jim and Robin actually got nauseated and seasick, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stay put with the wind gusts. One day, it got about as bad as a hippo sneezing on a eucalyptus leaf. Then came the loud CRACK sound, and we all stared in disbelief, as the tree across the street split in two. Within a few days, the entire tree was taken down.

Thinking that they decided to rv in hell, they mentioned the winds to the owners of the rv park, and were met with a “this doesn’t usually happen here.”

Then, for a week straight, thousands (no, I am not exaggerating) of black birds would fill every tree limb surrounding the campsite. In addition, they screeched so loudly you had to close my windows…and they still were loud. It was definitely a scene from Alfred Hitchcock. When they mentioned this to the rv park owners, they were once again met with “hmmm…never seen THAT before.”

So Jim and Robin have brought their usual good luck to Cerro Gordo. Perhaps they should warn the residents of this town that anything could happen this winter and spring. By the way, when they asked about the Asian lady beetles, since Jim and Robin left, they haven’t been a problem…a few here and there, but not the swarm that invaded poor Ward. What is with these people?

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