A Nice Thanksgiving, A Weird Beware Of Pedestrian Sign

Greetings Again, Mates!

Joey, the Fleetwood Bounder here, to keep you up on life with Jim, Robin, the dingo and two cats…

After a weekend in Effingham, Illinois, it was Thanksgiving time. I’d barely cooled my rubber before I was up and running again. So much chaos, rushing and confusion, all to eat a large bird from the oven, don’t you think? Anyway, I was once again parked in Robin’s mom’s driveway, and there I sat while they all acted like rabid wombats, all over a piece of poultry. Crikey!

The best part of the trip was that they bought me a friend. Though she looks rather weathered (poor old gal), at least now I have someone to talk to. Robin drove the new (very, very old) van back to Cerro Gordo when it was time to leave. I let her lead the way, being the gentleman that I am.

One question I have for all of you. What in the hell does this sign mean?

Never seen anything like it before. Is there ONE pedestrian in particular I am to look out for? Is he or she dangerous? What do I do if there is more than one, like a couple, walking by…drive over them?

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