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G’day, mates – Joey here. It’s been a while since my last good earbashing with you, but there’s really only one story I have to tell – it’s about the heat. Here in the great prairies of Illinois it’s been a corker of a couple of weeks, and I hear that it’s all the same all over America. Over a week of 100 degree temps during the day with no rain at all, and at night it doesn’t cool off enough to do without the air conditioning – and I have 2 of them, you know. As well-equipped as I am, there’s a limit to what I can do for my owners, the dingo and the cat. Not to big-note myself, but I have been doing my best under the circumstances.

These Were Happier Times, Mates!


One of the things we do here to keep cool is to reminisce about the good old days in Montana, where summer doesn’t even start until after the middle of June. To give you the fair dinkum,  it does get hot for a couple of months, but rarely in the triple digits, and it cools off at night no matter what. I fondly recall thinking I was going to get a bit of frost on my bonnet a few June nights in the past when we were in Montana.

Look At How Happy My Owners Looked In The Cold, When They Had Reason To Wear A Funny Hat!


Naturally, as a true blue Aussie, my memories of Australia go back way before my current owners took me from my Montana home to this awful place. At least I think I have memories – I’m just not sure where they came from – I can’t swim. But I know that down under, everything’s backwards from here. I mean weather-wise, of course, because the southern hemisphere is getting winter right now, as it should be. I keep telling Jim and Robin, why don’t we take a ferry to Sydney and ride this heat wave out? They just act like they don’t hear me and keep on sweating.

But it’s tough to look on the Internet (I have my own private connection) and see the current temperature in the outback – it’s around 60 degrees F, if I’m doing the math properly. And in the ski resorts it’s down there in the 30s. I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds pretty comfy right about now. The good old aborigines are probably even wearin’ clothes, it’s so cool. Oh, to be back on the highway drivin’  to a big smoke like Melbourne, having a singalong of  Waltzing Matilda with my owners. But even though it looks like the rain has gone walkabout, there’s a small chance in the forecast for the weekend, and all we can do is hope for good gully washer – until then, I’ll just imagine I’m back in Oz.

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