A Joey RV Post – Our Motorhome Ponders The End Of The World

Hello out there…it’s Joey, the Fleetwood Bounder here. It’s been a few weeks since I let you in on what’s really happening in the world. Alright, at least in my little corner of the world. And I’ll admit that right now my view is rather limited, but I see and hear more than you would think possible for an old outback geezer like me. Sitting here blocking the concrete footpath (I see a lot of dogs and people go by) in a suburban driveway in an ordinary neighborhood of northwest Chicago, Illinois is not very exciting, nothing like the mountains of Montana or New Zealand, or the Atlantic and Pacific shores. But I like to observe and learn wherever I am, and to know what’s going on. Right now, for example, I know that there are quite a few folks around here who are expecting something big soon – the world ending in 2012, specifically on December 21. What a load of hooey!

Now, any thinking RV or human knows that we’re all in a bit of a sticky wicket these days. What with the economy, the weather, the politics and the wars – and that’s just scratching the surface. Looking through my slightly cracked but completely serviceable windscreen, I see that people are knackered about all kinds of important things – at least they seem important right now. Like how to pay the mortgage and the car payments, keep the fast food flowing, outfit the kids in braces and clothes and iPhones, and put gas in the soccer-mobile, all of which are clearly necessary if you live in this environment. But the wackies are saying that because of some old Indian calendar, the world will end next month, and if that happens all their worries will be over. Don’t you wish!

The problem as I see it (and like I said, what I see is limited) is the old difficulty with words – what do these noises we make with our mouths (not me, but in general) really mean? Does the “world ending in 2012” just mean that the calendar rolls over and it’s time for a new one? Maybe it means that tendencies and trends that have been festering and growing for eons are coming to a head – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Or it could mean that a new age is coming when there will be peace and rainbows and love and kindness everywhere. What it most likely doesn’t mean is that the planet will physically stop existing, from whatever cause that doesn’t matter in the end. Because if there’s anything an old prime mover like me knows for sure, it’s that life goes on and on, in one form or another, and that nothing ever ceases to exist. It just changes, and that is the most likely thing to happen on December 21 – things will keep changing.

So knock back a pint of Foster’s with me and celebrate (I know what you are wondering…Jim pours it into the windshield wiper reservoir and doesn’t let me have the keys until the next day…don’t worry) – it’s the end of the world as we know it, and we all should feel just fine about it.

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