Why People In Montana Have PATIENCE

Hi rvers! Today’s topic is Montana and patience, but in a funny way. Speaking of being patient, haven’t posted in quite a bit because…well…we’re busy, enjoying summer which is going by much too quickly, planning our fall rv trip and much more. Next week we are off to the North Fork for four days, after we play a gig at Point of Rocks this Sunday for 4 HOURS (ouch!). I am, as promised, going to get some pics and posts up in September on those primitive campgrounds I mentioned…but ya gotta be PATIENT, ok? (See how I threw that in? Oh the wit…).

Anyway, today we will discuss cows, patience and Montana – all rolled into one for the purpose of this post. Let’s start with some photos, shall we? The road you see below is OUR DRIVEWAY to the main road…it’s all we’ve got. You will see the problem below

cows on the road

cows blocking the road

funny cow picture

Now when I think about all of the city slickers I know back east, I can only imagine seeing their faces turn purple as they scream, “I don’t have TIME for this!” Ahhh…but the beauty in Montana is that the people here have patience. They just wait until the cows move on by…if they’re late, they’re late.

Some visitors to Glacier National Park, if used to an urban, fast paced life, will run into this EVERYWHERE. No, not cows everywhere on the road. But when you are standing in line at the post office and growing antsy that the employees are “catching up” on life and gossip with their patrons (everyone is so friendly, they all know each other), the sighing, eye rolling and body language won’t make the line go any quicker. Same holds true at the grocery store, gas station, you name it.

Yep, the folks in Montana have patience (and less ulcers, I’m sure). They just don’t get the endless rushing most people do today – buzzing around like bees 24/7, constantly stressed and basically unpleasant to be around. So when you come to MT, be sure to be ready for peace, quiet and calm. If that isn’t for you, you will be subjected to the friendliness of the following popular bumper sticker which reads “WELCOME TO MONTANA, NOW GO HOME!”

Oh…and one final hint…don’t even THINK about honking that horn the second the light turns green – I’ve hardly ever heard a horn honk here…and it will draw the attention of every car in every direction as far as the ears can hear.

Patience is a virtue…try it!

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6 Responses to Why People In Montana Have PATIENCE

  1. cozygirl says:

    I’m remembering before we took off how impatient I was….now with each day I’m just going with the flow for the most part and it really is a nice feeling. Allows you a chance to really take it all in doesn’t it. See the doc next Monday…anxious to get her take. Lately been doctoring with calendula…it’s looking great! Landside at kids basement for two weeks in lovely Central IL :O), ha!, then we can get back to some more travel!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hey you!
      We’ve been gone for four days, off the grid at my dad’s cabin…so just seeing this now.
      Ah patience…it takes TIME to get out of that old cycle of constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, doesn’t it? Now you spin your rv wheels at your own pace!
      Best of luck with the doc (glad you are seeing improvement)…we will be in central Illinois for a week in October…oh, it’s going to be hard to leave Glacier Park!!

      • cozygirl says:

        Shoot October sending up to GA…making way to SW. Will you be in that area this winter? Off to skin doc in less than four hours. Feel spot looks good…it’s the other one on other leg and one on neck. CRAP…hate my skin! Stressed out for appt…as usual. Be glad when its over. Guess worse things in life, but this is getting very old.

        • Cheap RV Living says:

          We’re going to be in Kentucky in Nov/Dec…trying the Amazon Camperforce program. We just have to try it once! But will be buzzing through Illinois for two weeks in October, then over to North Carolina to visit family after the new year. We are DEFINITELY coming home to Montana EARLY next year, hoping to be back here by May 1st!!!

          Sorry you have that damn burden with your skin and doc appts. Sounds like you got a good report and can move forward now (was visiting your blog…now I’m gonna move over there and say hi!).

  2. Ingrid says:

    I love running into cattle on the road, but then again I’m on RV time. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the holistic info you’ve put out there. The mere mention of health care/insurance puts my hair on end. Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Thanks Ingrid!

      I’m glad you are enjoying our blog and appreciate your taking time to say hello…

      I just went over to visit yours and left a note…your photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to read more about your journey to date. Sounds like we have an Illinois connection (we both were born in Illinois).

      Safe travels and hope to talk again soon!