Why I Love Kalispell Montana Weather In The Summer

I forgot just how much I love Kalispell, Montana weather in the summer. RVing fulltime in MT isn’t just perfect for the beauty it offers, it has the best climate, too. I think of last summer, when we were baking in record heat in Mahomet, Illinois – while unable to breathe in the humidity and nightly “low” temps in the 80s. Ahhhh! These rvers and their pets were all going postal, if you recall from our blog a year ago.

I mention Kalispell because when most think of NW Montana, they think of the “big city” of Kalispell, in addition to Glacier National Park. Weather in our neck of the woods, no matter what town you are in, is pretty much identical – perfect…

So what makes it perfect?

I will give you a visual….



Yes, during the summer days, Montana weather conditions offer a dry climate, sunshine and hot temperatures – like the upper 80s and low 90s. But during the night, the temps fall into the upper 40s! Yesterday I was searching for shade, walking around in shorts and flip flops and had the air conditioning on in the rv. But when I woke up this morning, I was shivering during my morning walk with Hannah and had to turn the furnace on, on my way out the door.

There is nothing better than the feeling of a warm campfire as the sun goes down at night. I get nauseated thinking about lighting a fire in Illinois last summer – no way that would have happened!

Aside from weather in Montana, I should elaborate a bit on that whole “sun goes down at night” thing. The Kalispell/Glacier Park area is VERY NORTH (right by Canadian border) and VERY WEST (right by Idaho/Pacific Time). Still considered in the Mountain Time Zone, in June you can expect to see light in the sky until about 1030pm (and sunrise around 5am). The only down side to that is we don’t sleep as much. You just can’t consider going to bed before dark…and then the sun wakes us up very early. I have a sleep mask but I’m so restless that the damn thing is usually on the back side of my head in the morning…so I try to shield my eyes with the band! Worse yet, the velcro gets caught in my hair. Tried the pillow over my head thing, but lack of oxygen squashed that idea quite quickly. Have pretty much accepted that I’m just not going to get a lot of sleep.

So that’s my report on Kalispell Montana weather in summer, and why I love it so much. It’s 10am while I’m typing this and the furnace is now off, the hoodie is getting hung up and the flip flops are replacing the fuzzy slippers – it’s 63 degrees now…already 20 degrees warmer than when I woke up this morning!

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2 Responses to Why I Love Kalispell Montana Weather In The Summer

  1. Rebecca Boskey says:

    FYI…it’s now 80 nights in Illinois. To top it off we don’t have central air and get skunked about twice a week and have to close up the entire house in order to breathe. We’re living the dream, eventually. In the meantime, I will live the dream thru you. Sounds incredible. Thanx for sharing!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Oh those 80 degree, humid Illinois nights. I know what you mean about the getting skunked – that would happen at my stepfather’s house when we were parked in the driveway…then you have to close everything up…not fun at all!

      Your dream IS coming…just keep your eyes on the prize!

      Speaking of prize, Spot the gigantic cow cat officially declared the bear rug you gave us as his own prize from you. He sleeps on it, on our bed, during the day. At night we take it off the bed and put it on the couch, where he nuzzles up into it and sleeps during a large portion of the night (until he lays his 20 pounds on my feet around 530am). He says “thanks Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Don!”