Now THIS Is How To RV Full Time – Our First Few Weeks

So we are finally remembering that THIS is how to rv full time! Ok, it was kinda like riding a bicycle after we finally settled in – a little wobbly and not sure how to sit still. But now we’re getting it. We’re excited about some plans for this rv blog in the near future, too. We want to share this gorgeous area with you, so plan to do some picture taking and showing you cool, hidden primitive campsites, back roads and some other things. Hope you’ll like it!

Spot Staying Cool

Spot Staying Cool


So permanent rv living for the summer in this beautiful site in Trego, Montana, has been such a pleasure so far. Of course, soon after we settled in we got the record heat. It was a bit of a disappointment only because, for those of you who read our blog last year at this time, we were trapped inside our motorhome for months with scorching temps in Illinois. But the rare 100 degree temperature readings are disappearing now, thankfully. It was too hot for poor Hannah (our dog) to even lay outside! The great thing about NW Montana, however, is that it really cools down at night. The average low this time of the year is 49 degrees…even if it is 90 during the day. For rvers, however, this means squishing a lot of clothes in the closets for the cool nights vs hot days.

Another thing that happened was we got connected (phone and internet). We were wondering how to rv full time here this summer without still generating an income online – there is zero cell service. But we got it worked out and actually have a phone line and internet coming into the rv. How you ask? The owners of the property had a line run all the way down here years ago, when they stayed in this site as their home was being built. Fortunately the phone company here is quite laid back and allowed that we use that line for their hookup. The mixed blessing, however, is that it was such a great break to be disconnected for awhile. Truly enjoyed it and highly recommend everyone disconnects sometimes, just for the mental break! Too much information…our brains need a break.

We’ve stayed close to home but plan to start moving about soon…and will share our journeys with you. We really had wanted to get a truck camper this summer, but will have to budget for next year after we had those additional expenses on the road, when driving from Illinois to Trego, MT. But that’s ok…cannot complain, given how fortunate we feel to be in this private campsite this summer. By the way, if you’re interested in the “urban area” of Glacier (about 50 miles from where we are), be sure to check out the area newspaper online, called The Daily Interlake.

All we can say, now that we’ve relaxed a bit, is that living in your rv full time feels a lot different when you find a place that feels so good. We really spend no money here because we are so far from civilization – happy campers who are happiest in the camper, you could say. But time to get into that back country and soak it up while we can!

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5 Responses to Now THIS Is How To RV Full Time – Our First Few Weeks

  1. Hey! Good to hear from you, and that you are loving your space.

    My feathers are a little straggly and I think my bill is on crooked, but I’m still waddling.

  2. Julie says:

    Hello Robin and Jim,
    My partner and I are new to RV-ing. We just sold all our stuff and are currently living in the motorhome in the UK, saving up ready to travel Europe asap.
    Your site is inspirational and also very useful/practical.
    I love it. I was reading one of your posts late last night about the policeman who said ‘you can’t park here!’ when you were broken down at the side of the road. It made me laugh out loud! 🙂
    So thanks again and I will be having a good read around.

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Julie, it is so good to meet you!
      Glad you’ve found humor and inspiration in our posts…that makes us feel terrific!
      Congrats on you and your partner taking the step to a happier, simpler life…we’re excited for you as you begin the journey. We learned a lot by error, error and more errors…but don’t get discouraged – it’s how you learn – and we wouldn’t trade that for the lives we left behind.
      Safe, happy travels and hope you’ll come back and visit here again…and tell us how you’re doing!
      Robin and Jim

  3. cozygirl says:

    Hey there you are! So you got all settled in, something special on the horizon, etc. Liking the idea of cool nights for sleeping…perfect! Sure you not missing IL….11 days and counting we get to leave this state! Enjoy the back country!!! JEALOUS!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hey you!!
      I bet you are soooo excited! The countdown has finally come! Now that we have internet in full force, need to move on over to your blog and catch up on how things are going for you both. Thanks for taking time to say hello at such a busy time!