Heading To Glacier Park – On The Amtrak Empire Builder? Yep!

As most of our readers know, it has been a really challenging – REALLY challenging – year for us. Besides losing my beautiful mom unexpectedly at only 66, and our 6 year old cat dying unexpectedly months after, all at the beginning of 2012, as if that wasn’t enough, I had to find strength to battle a narcissist I left fifteen years ago, while trying to juggle my daughter into adulthood single-handedly (with Jim, of course). Yes, all of it at the same time with what felt like my hands tied behind my back. To make it work, to do it all, we had to uproot ourselves from the soothing serenity of Glacier Park (another planet compared to the rest of the world) and stay planted in Illinois.

Bowman Lake In Glacier National Park


It was all becoming too much – so my daughter (in Illinois) and my dad and his wife, Pat (they live in Montana, by Glacier Park, off the grid) gave me the sweetest surprise – tickets to come home for a week aboard the Amtrak Empire Builder. It is an understatement to say that I needed this. Not only do I love train rides, where I can read a book and let the rocking motion lull me to sleep, I was heading to the mountains I’ve longed for once more – even if for a short time. It was to be a recharging of my spirit kinda trip – and it worked. Plus I got to see my dad and Pat – being with family felt good, too.

View From My Dad And Pat’s Porch


As I’ve said many times, liquidating your assets and simplifying your life in an rv won’t keep life from happening. Life can and does happen. But being so free like we are keeps you stronger when the wolves come to your door – and we’ve had a whole pack of them at our door this year. I would not want to be living any other way than how I am right now, facing all of these challenges.

Me And My Dad


If the world is still standing in spring of 2013, we should be making our way back home and will stay put in the healing environment of Glacier until the snows come. We will pull out our guitars, finally, and just enjoy the beauty and tranquility. When rving, as so many other rvers we’ve met via blogging will tell you, finding “THE PLACE” is so important. It reminds you why you did all of this, why you took the leap. Where we are now it is so noisy all of the time – cars honking, sirens, airplanes, lawnmowers – people buzz by and don’t even acknowledge you are right in front of them. In addition, the people where we are “have it all” – so why do they look and act so miserable and depressed all of the time? The kindest people we’ve met are back in Montana – they have little, but damn do they enjoy life, friends, music, family…

North Fork Of The Flathead River, The Western Boundary Of Glacier


So those wolves may find your rv door, no matter where you go – but when you find “THE PLACE” with the view, smell, quiet and whatever else drew you to it all around you, you’ll fight them off with a strength you never knew you had. I only had a week in Glacier Park, but it did recharge my spirit to hang on and make it through. The snow can’t melt fast enough in Montana next spring, before my wheels are spinning in the slush to get me back to my “planet.”

Dad And Pat

Me And Their Dogs, Lady And Snowbelle

To our readers, do you have such a place? You don’t have to give GPS coordinates, but is there an area you travel to that just makes you feel alive, free, happy no matter what life is dishing you? Please share…Some people never take the plunge to rv because of their current troubles. They don’t recognize that they can overcome them much better when in a healthy place. Once you truly get what life was meant to be, you can handle even the worst of times.

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