A Peeping Tom? Yep, You Meet Some Wild Turkeys In Montana

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you through your rv window? Well we had that feeling…and it turned out to be…


montana wild turkeys

Notice our window thermometer in the bottom, right corner of the photo above…yes, I was at the kitchen table, on the inside of the 5th wheel – and Mr. Freaky Wild Montana Turkey was staring right at me.

Now, let’s go back in time that day, just a little bit. Why did I find the turkey a bit “off” and intimidating? Does it seem odd I would fear the wild turkey?

Well, the morning started off like any other morning. Hannah (rv dog) was outside, enjoying the fresh air. Then an unruly gang of six wild Montana turkeys showed up. We were inside having coffee, but her barking told us that there was something very, VERY important outside that must be addressed (usually a squirrel, deer, person walking on the road…sometimes she barks for no reason at all, actually).

So I got up and went outside, and what did I see? Six wild turkeys hanging out together, not far from our camper. They looked innocent enough, as you will see in the photo below.


wild turkeys in montana

So I told Hannah she was being a silly dog – what big, black lab mix would be afraid of six puny birds. I did find it odd that, as I spoke to our frantically barking canine, that they really didn’t seem to care – yes, the turkeys showed no fear….

Feeling a bit ridiculous, I pet Hannah on the head and she mellowed a bit, so I went back inside. After a few more sips of coffee, I was once again interrupted with the frantic dingo outside squealing, barking and moving patio furniture about (she doesn’t keep an eye on her tie out when she loses her mind like this, knocking over tables and chairs…anything that isn’t cemented to the ground).

A bit annoyed as the coffee grew colder, I went outside ONCE AGAIN to see what the problem was. Then I understood why my poor dog was going nuts – the turkey tables had turned. The neurotic dog was not scaring them away, she was actually drawing them in! I did not take a picture at this time, as the whole “pack” of wild turkeys were walking up to the dog that was now resembling Old Yeller at the end of the movie.

I could almost understand their not running away at the sound of her bark (kinda), but walking UP TO OUR RV? This freaky flock was up to no good, like a “gang” that was intent on taking over our camper. So I escorted Hannah inside and promptly closed the door. Visions of the six maniacal birds pecking at our 5th wheel until they made holes big enough to fit through, then they would…er…what? Eat us? I don’t know…they were just a bit creepy.

When we were all inside, the dog was calm, the door locked (hey, maybe they could pick the lock?), I enjoyed my coffee once more. But then it happened…I’d almost forgotten about the herd of rabid turkeys until I felt someone was watching me…the peeping “Tom” (Jim’s joke, by the way). I almost spit out my coffee when I noticed they were up on the hill now, on the other side of the rv, staring in…ahhhhhhh!


montana wild turkey

So, needless to say (wait for it….wait for it…), I uttered some FOWL LANGUAGE. I’m happy to report, in the end, that they didn’t attack or take over our home – they eventually went on their way to terrorize some other innocent humans in the woods.

But at night, while I lie in my bed, sometimes I think I hear a “gobble, gobble” in the distance…and the sound of pecking at our door. This Thanksgiving, I’m having ham.

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One Response to A Peeping Tom? Yep, You Meet Some Wild Turkeys In Montana

  1. cozygirl says:

    What a bunches of bullies picking on Hannah like that! Glad you came to rescue! P.S. Better keep the blinds pulled :O)!!