More Work For RVers Online – Blogging, Adsense and Affiliate Income

We’ve posted about many strategies for making money while rving, but there is another job idea we would like to share – blogging. It took time to learn the basics we will share in this post. THIS IS A LONG POST, BUT IT CONDENSES EVERYTHING WE’VE EVER LEARNED, TO GET YOU STARTED QUICKLY. Further on in this post, we’ve created a step-by-step on exactly how and where to sign up and get started.

Writing online also has very delayed gratification, where income is concerned..but if you love to write and enjoy working online, you will be happy with the long-term results. You need to approach blogging (and other writing platforms that generate income for you) as a construction worker building a skyscraper would do. You don’t get discouraged that there is only a foundation built, with the end nowhere in sight…you work at it every day, knowing one day it will pay off. If you need immediate income, this will be too time consuming, but it can be a goal to slowly build toward. As we’ve mentioned, there are other ways to make money from the internet, on the road, such as selling products online and getting paid for your talents and time.

Making money online used to involve one thought…scam! We now know that there are “nice sites” out there, which you can earn modest revenue  from (or make a living, if you are devoted), which are all listed at the end of this post. They truly do exist and can be a lot of fun. We are giving you a shortcut to those websites, so you don’t have to spend the time we did in finding them. There are more out there, but these are the ones we have become familiar with, so we feel safe to refer you to them. Many of them have the friendliest forums you will find, where you can ask any question and get a helpful response.


There are some tips you absolutely have to know, or you will be extremely disappointed and frustrated. This blog is about rving, not making money online, so we are going to list sites you should explore and give you the topics to search out on your own. Blogging is a “learn by doing” process…but we’ve cut out months of work for you, in finding out what the heck to learn about! There is a lot of information out there…you won’t have trouble finding what you need. We kept a notebook for months on every tip we found, and bookmarked helpful sites on our laptop. Time to get organized!! So here are the shortcuts:

  1. DON’T SPEND MONEY, PERIOD – Everything you need to know you can find via searching the web and also in friendly forums on the sites we are referring you to.
  2. THINK “NICHE” – You will do best if you write about something you are passionate about. For example, if you are completely addicted to everything having to do with dolphins, go with that…don’t blog about everything in the ocean. Stay specific and be the master of your topic. Have a blog with dolphin videos, books, posters, slippers and t-shirts along with your own words and descriptions.
  3. BACKLINKING, SEO (search engine optimization) & KEYWORD RESEARCH – You will have to learn how to to do this so all of your work will be seen in a Google search. You can write the best article on the planet, but if it falls on page 4 during a search, no one will ever read it. Learning how to use keywords that aren’t too competitive to rank for, yet are searched for, is the bottom line key to succeeding at blogging and writing online. Backlinking is providing links to your sites, to give it more authority with Google. Again, search these terms to learn more. They are the absolute most important concepts to learn.
  4. FREE BLOGS VS. SELF-HOSTED BLOGS – Free blogs such as and blogger are, indeed, free to use. They are also user-friendly for those just starting out. That said, they do not enjoy blogs set up to be overly-promotional (selling items, ad placements) and can be shut down…just like that. This isn’t to scare you! But you will hear people talk about “you need to own your own real estate” and as a long-term goal, this is true. Don’t worry about this initially. Just know, down the road, you will want to buy your own domain name, etc. if blogging becomes a lucrative business for you. Here are two of the free blogger blogs we currently have: Gifts For RVers and Leveling/Stabilizing RVs. This blog you are on right now, however, is self-hosted. We plan to continually add content and feel it is more protected owning our own site.
  5. AFFILIATE INCOME (monetizing your blog) – Many people monetize a blog by becoming affiliates to various places. Amazon is an example of just one of many sites that welcome you to join. The very basic idea is that you are advertising for that company and, if it leads to a sale, you get a commission. For example, if you want to do a blog all about baby bibs, you would choose the products you want to feature and review on your blog, Amazon would provide you the link, and if anyone clicked on one of the bibs featured (which takes them to Amazon) and buys it (or anything else!!), you get a percentage of that sale.
  6. ADS ON BLOGS (monetizing your blogs) – Google Adsense is one of the most widely recognized ad sites you’ll notice on blogs. Chitika is another. The one thing to keep in mind is they are more critical of approving a blogger’s application, so don’t apply until you have a blog that looks nice and has a handful of posts. If you are approved, this means you can feature their ads on your blogs, and you get paid when people click on the ads. One thing…NEVER, EVER CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS or you will lose your ad accounts forever…which would destroy all of your hard work.


If the idea of maintaining a blog is overwhelming, you will be happy to know there are many, many Adsense revenue sharing sites out there. What does this mean? Well, if you can get approved for Adsense, you can write on many established platforms, and still add affiliate links to them (to earn commission) as well as enter your Adsense ID when you sign up, so you share in the ad revenue, too. You wouldn’t have to worry about setting up a blog! The issue is you need to get approved for Adsense first…and they are more likely to approve you if you have a blog. So here is what we would do, now that we’ve come this far:

Start a blog at – Blogger is so user-friendly. In addition, they like Amazon affiliates and Adsense. They have the links to apply right from their site. If you use Amazon, you can easily showcase products on your blog without entering codes and other tricky things. Adsense is easy to activate, too. Look at other Blogger blogs to get ideas how they look and feel. Definitely would start with Blogger as a newbie.

Get Amazon Associate and Adsense approved through Blogger – Initially, we would start blogging without sales, just pure content, then apply to be an Amazon associate (which should happen quickly). Then make some posts about a few Amazon products…then apply for Adsense. Do all applications through Blogger. Keep it just about Amazon, Adsense and your own articles, initially.

Apply at Chitika for another ad opportunity – Chitika can be used on Blogger, and seems a bit easier to apply for. Go ahead and do the application…it can’t hurt and they respond quickly.
Get Chitika | Premium

Apply for a few smaller affiliate programs (quick to do and will come in handy soon…read on!) – There are some easy, fun sites to apply for as an affiliate. Applications are quick and painless. AllPosters and Zazzle are great. Allposters is for, well…posters! But posters look really nice on blogs and writing sites. Zazzle, as mentioned in another post, is print-on-demand products you design OR commission for showing other people’s products as an affiliate.
Webmasters Make $$$ Pet Clothing

Start writing on Wizzley and HubPages – We LOVE Wizzley. It is a newer site that is so incredibly friendly, fresh and easy to use. Wizzley, when setting up your account, has space to enter your ID’s for: Amazon Associate, Adsense, Zazzle and AllPosters. So even if you weren’t approved for Adsense on the first try, you can make income writing fun articles with all of the other affiliate programs. We just adore that site! Another site is HubPages, which allows you to generate income by entering your Amazon, Adsense or Ebay affiliate ID’s (we’ve never been an Ebay affiliate). Check them out by clicking below.
Wizzley HubPages

Start writing smaller articles at other Adsense sharing sites – and utilize all sites for backlinking (which you promise you will learn about, right??), while making a little Adsense revenue. Again, the sites below are Adsense only. This doesn’t mean you cannot manually enter affiliate links but read their rules regarding overly promoting your article with your own affiliate products…they do have rules and limits. There are many Adsense sharing sites, but we’ve listed two we use below. You can search “revenue sharing sites” to find a lot more, or ask in a forum on another writing platform.

InfoBarrel is a very friendly, easy writing platform. Enter your Adsense ID and start writing!
Snipsly is a very small site, where an article is basically a simple blog post. Again, it is great for backlinks and generates Adsense revenue.

Best Reviewer…deserves its own little place in the world. – James, the owner of Best Reviewer, cuts right to the chase…never holds back. You will most likely be approved to be a part of Best Reviewer, but do not BS James, he will catch ya! Share your inspiration and why you are writing…share your blog and article topics. He has to weed out those who spam, because he provides a site for very easy backlinks. This is another Adsense revenue sharing site, so be sure to enter your Adsense ID. All this site is, is a “Top” site. You come up with the title, like the top 5 books on shark attacks, and list them with a little description…that’s it! What is really neat about this website is that, if you don’t care about the link juice, you can keep writing “tops” and get Adsense revenue, on anything under the sun. It is quick, easy and fun. Plus, James often gives great tips on how to succeed and make money, so be sure to spend time there visiting.
Join with mountaincabinmercantile as your referrer!

So there you have it! We condensed all of our knowledge into one blog post. Terminology and skill you will have to read up on. There is no shortcut to learning the actual art of keywords, backlinks, etc. But each site we listed has great start-up guides and/or forums to get you going. These are all safe, wonderful sites that have income earning potential. If you like to write, you will love blogging!

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