Making Money On The Road And Online – Getting Paid For Your Talents And Time

One Less Karen

Here We Are Performing, In Our Younger and Thinner Days!

If you have skills or talents, you can make some extra income while rving. In fact, if you aren’t too shy about marketing yourself, you could make a living! We’ve never got our act together enough (no pun intended) to make the “big time” as musicians, but for 14 years we’ve been the dynamic duo One Less Karen, performing our own, original songs at festivals and coffee shops. Getting paid for doing what you love is a great feeling!

If you have musical talents, you can either travel a path from gig to gig (be sure it pays more than the gas money to get there) or stay in one place and play every venue you can find. When cheap rv living, a free dinner, $50 guarantee and tip jar proceeds are worth a fortune!

If you have work/trade skills, advertise your ability to repair vehicles, small engines, plumbing, painting, lawn care and the like, when you plan to stay in one place for a period of time. Make flyers and post them about. List your skills on Craigslist. Word of mouth, at the campground, post office, etc., can travel like wildfire.


Though many online opportunities involve your having a presence on the internet via blogs and websites, there are some opportunities where these aren’t necessary at all because they’re all set up for you. Of course, you still need to take time to LEARN, but websites geared toward creative folks are very user-friendly, with forums and help that are enough to get you on the right path. I’ll list a few of the popular ones here so you can check them out with ease. They are all free…Have fun!!


Custom T-Shirts

Zazzle allows you to use your artistic talents, photography or humor to create “print on demand” items. From t-shirts to stationary, coffee mugs and more. You upload your art, pick the products you want to feature them on, create your storefront and earn commission every time someone buys the product. Zazzle does the shipping and money handling, while you just wait for your commission to arrive. Also, if you aren’t talented, you can still make money via referrals. On Zazzle, for example, you can sign up and get a referral link, then promote products (even ones you didn’t create) via Facebook, Twitter, your own website and get paid commissions. So if you are into the socializing on the internet, you can make money just by chatting away! Getting paid to talk…I just knew it would come in handy one day!!


If you are skilled at making handmade crafts, you need to check out Etsy. Like Zazzle, they have everything you need to set up, look professional and start selling! I didn’t write the following article, but it is a great summary of this site and its potential:

I Want to Replace My Day Job with Etsy Income


Now this site is just easy and fun. Bloggers and affiliate marketers love it for its “backlink” power to their sites. Basically, you can upload your photos, articles, etc. and the incredibly social community views them, comments on them and becomes your “fan.” You get paid by the number of views you receive on your uploads. Of course, at first you think “10 cents?!” – but here is the catch. You can continue uploading photos and over time, they are viewed more and more, and your “bank” keeps growing. Sure, it is slow, but it continues to grow even when you aren’t logged in. When you make $25, they send you a Visa check card. Getting paid for sharing your photos with the community isn’t a bad gig, is it? It is really easy and a fun, friendly environment. They even have contests where you can win money and bonuses, to watch your account grow. Visit it here: Redgage


Search & Win

You have to check out Swag Bucks, if you haven’t already. Once you’re hooked, you can’t stop. You keep earning swagbucks just for browsing the internet, entering contests and all sorts of fun things they offer. Each carries its own value of how many bucks you will get. Then you trade them in for gift cards, products, etc. People boast about making enough to purchase all Christmas gifts and other similar stories.

OTHER SITES is also an interesting site. I’ve browsed it but just haven’t thought of that “perfect thing” to do yet. The idea is you post something you will do for $5.00. Obviously, it needs to be something quick or it will drain your time. Certainly a good laugh browsing through…and who knows? I’ve heard of people making nice income from it, when they found that perfect “it” to sell.

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