A Fun RV Job – Sell On Ebay and Amazon

Though, admittedly, selling on Ebay and Amazon has a learning curve, their forums and tutorials will get you going in no time! We have been selling online for nearly five years, and have had a lot of fun. At first, we didn’t have an actual niche – we looked into hot toys on clearance, just odd and end items like that. Eventually, we settled into media (books and DVDs) and have been doing it ever since.

The first thing you must keep in mind is that what you could sell when you lived in a home, and the volume you could buy…well…those days are over! You have limited space and need to keep that in mind before purchasing any inventory. Though you may think books are heavy (and they are), we’ve found a few items that go out about as quickly as they come in…so there is never a huge inventory on board the rv.

What to sell? Well, we can’t answer that for you. Your best bet is sticking with things that interest you. Perhaps, like we do, you like to browse thrift stores for books, movies, antiques, designer clothing at a deep discount. When you find that “gem” you purchase it and list it on one of these sites (Amazon is best for media, in our experience). It does take time to learn to do it well, but there are plenty of resources out there to teach you the basics, and you can start generating income rather quickly, if you know what items truly sell. Our best find to date was a book we sold for $500.

We always wished we knew something about auto mechanics and detailing. Sites like Ebay Motors have tons of vehicle auctions – if you get one at a deep bargain, you can clean it up and sell it at a nice profit (this also holds true for rvs and other motorized items). In addition, sometimes on your travels through the backroads, you will see an older rv that the owner is nearly giving away! You could fix it up, clean it well and then sell it on Ebay Motors. Of course, you’d have to stay put for a few months at a time but you could make a nice income this way, if you are good with autos or rvs.

The main rule when rving and selling is “invest little and make a nice profit.” Perhaps at home you could have had tons of inventory and sold items, making only $1-2 profit per sale, but you cannot do that now.  If you know all about rare books, antiques, vehicles, etc. you are miles ahead of the game and will do well with a little training on how to sell on these platforms mentioned above.

Also, creativity will be your best friend. Perhaps you have a gift for thinking outside of the box. For instance (and this is not a profitable example), imagine everyone on Ebay is selling bandaids, gauze, antibiotic cream…but YOU invent the “first aid kit.” You thought of a way to put things together instead of trying to compete with the big sellers who make a few dollars per sale but sell hundreds a day (again, you cannot compete with them and make money doing so). Or maybe you put together “lots” of vintage jewelry you find en route instead of hoping to sell one piece. Outsmart the other sellers (yes, even us!) and you will do great.

One other hint: though risky business (we’ve never tried it), some sellers use drop shippers and do very well, and they never have to have inventory in hand. Again, if you look into this, do so very slowly and carefully. You really need to know Ebay/Amazon well first before ever trying this method.

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4 Responses to A Fun RV Job – Sell On Ebay and Amazon

  1. Rick says:

    Amazon FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon might also work. You ship boxes of stuff for sale to Amazon and let them do the packing and shipping when it sells. Google Amazon FBA for info.

    I sell books and DVDs on Amazon and am considering Amazon FBA for when I go full-time.

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Great Advice!
      For what we sell FBA doesn’t work but it is a GREAT option for rvers that I should have mentioned, given the right type of product, etc. Thanks so much for adding this information…much appreciated!

  2. Lesli says:

    Do you have a link for your Amazon/eBay store(s)?

    Lesli 🙂

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hi Lesli – We don’t sell online “formally” maintaining a store, etc. We sell used books on both Ebay and Amazon, including textbooks, and list as we find them along our path. Hope that helps!