The RV Cat, Snow Cancels Plans, Etc.

Well, as we sit here in our rv campsite, given the storms canceled our travel plans for now, we find amusement in the little things. Actually, where Spot our rving cat is concerned, guess we could call it a LARGE thing, as you will see in the photo below.

Spot Loves Me A Bit Too Much

Spot Loves Me A Bit Too Much

We were supposed to head north to driveway camp for awhile at my stepfather’s house. You know how it goes. We stopped buying groceries, eating our way through perishable goods and taking pride in the fridge being nearly empty. We cleaned up inside, got the motorhome in order, talked in high, squeaky voices to our dog and cat (suffering from cabin fever and boredom right now) saying “are we gunna gooooo soon? Yeahhhh? Oh boyyyy!” as they gazed back at me in fear and confusion.

Then Thursday came. The weather where we are was almost 50 degrees, not a snowflake on the ground. But northern Illinois was quite a different story. By Friday morning, they had about 5 inches of new snow, mixed with sleet, so the angled driveway was now a sheet of ice. As of this morning, it still is. So here we sit.

Actually, we can’t sit because now we are fricking out of everything and need to “take down” the rv to go grocery shopping in town today! I am procrastinating, hence this rv blog post. What’s funny is that we are now in a holding pattern. Waiting for daily updates regarding the driveway condition, accomplishing NOTHING in the rv…just sitting here like we are waiting to board a flight. The pets are confused even more than usual.

Speaking of pets, if you want a good laugh, Jim wrote a hilarious article about how to tell our cat is plotting to kill him. I’m biased, but I think it is hilarious. It was inspired by our rv cats photo of him lying on my chest.

Hope you all have a good weekend and just picture us sitting here, waiting to depart, staring at the walls. Think we are truly losing it!

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One Response to The RV Cat, Snow Cancels Plans, Etc.

  1. I guess our cats are either boneless or stupid. They don’t get confused, scared, or panicky until Annie’s butt hits the driver’s seat. Then all hell breaks loose until they’ve made it to the bedroom.

    Just so you don’t feel too bad, IT SNOWED IN TUCSON.