Hilarious Laundry – Don’t Buy An RV With Washer And Dryer

We’ve never had to make the decision to buy an rv with washer and dryer, unless you consider our kitchen sink the washing machine and my hair dryer the drying appliance. Those usually only come in big rvs and you need a big bank balance to pay for such a recreational vehicle. So we are laundromat folks…

So why shouldn’t you buy an rv washing machine or dryer? Well…..you’d miss out on these hilarious experiences we are about to share, of course! Plus, how better to get to know a town than by visiting their local laundromat? Their bulletin boards alone provide a good 15 minutes of reading and you might find something you need (a mobile rv repair guy put his card on the board, so we’re gonna call for some little projects)!

First, some background to refresh. We are currently rving in Trego, Montana, and the only place to wash clothes is approximately 25 miles away, in Eureka, MT. They have one laundromat and everyone within a 40 mile radius (and more) goes to it.

Now we’ve never been ones to consider clothes washing fun or exciting, but that’s all changed! For where we go, they are SIGN CRAZY. But not just any signs….no, these are signs that basically only relate to Montanans (or small western towns), and we loved them so much, we just had to share. I might add I got some really strange looks snapping photos of them.

So tell us honestly, when is the last time you’ve seen a sign like this in your local laundromat?

No Hides! They Mean It!

 Now the next photo we find just as funny. First, they clump three handwritten signs in one place, but TWO OF THEM say virtually the same thing. But look at the faint one on the lower left. HOW OFTEN CAN SUNFLOWER SEEDS REALLY BE A PROBLEM? Is it only an issue in MONTANA laundromats?

Honestly, How Many Washers And Dryers Have Been Killed By Sunflower Seeds?

Now that I’ve done this post, I feel I should have taken more pictures – perhaps I will when we do laundry next week. These were the funniest messages by far, but there are notes everywhere in the building…on doors, in bathrooms – even one on a candy machine. Obviously they get a lot of pleasure out of writing and posting these things.

So our rv tip for you is to forget buying an rv with washer and dryer! Laundromats tell you a lot about the town you’re in and, well, you’ll be missing out on priceless experiences like this if you stay in your camper, using an rv washing machine.

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2 Responses to Hilarious Laundry – Don’t Buy An RV With Washer And Dryer

  1. cozygirl says:

    OK I got through Fort Knox…I have a heck of a time responding. I love laundry days….even thought of a bi-weekly post on them. You have me beat on this one you got to visit though! What a hoot!

  2. cozygirl says:

    I too am so enjoying the laundry days…even thought of doing a bi-weekly rating of them. It really is a hoot! Unless you get too hot a setting and shrink the hell out of your tops!