DAY ONE IL TO MT: West Lake Park Campground, Davenport, Iowa

Well we are finally off and made it to our destination at West Lake Park Campground in Davenport, Iowa. What a day! The pets haven’t moved since we turned on the a/c and let them in the 5th wheel around 4pm central time. Leading up to our hitting the road today, we did have a really nice time with our old friends on Memorial Day. Rebecca brought us a “little housewarming gift” which she won at an auction…a gigantic teddy bear skin rug! So huge it is now our bedspread decor…and just GUESS who decided to break it in that night? Well, just look at the pic…but I’m SURE you can guess, given our cat is a freak!

Spot Loves Our New Bear Rug

Spot Loves Our New Bear Rug


So yesterday was take down day…getting geared up to go. Slept like hell so a little fuzzy this morning, but now I’m more adrenaline filled from recognizing we did, indeed, cross the Illinois/Iowa border. We have officially left Illinois!This morning they were calling for storms and we had 5th wheel work to do along our trek – bearings packed and trailer tires…a must after the experiences we’ve had over the years. For those of you who don’t recall, read our article that explains what happened in 2009 when we had our travel trailer – disintegration of  “pretty tires” on the highway! Anyway, with all of those pit stops we knew it would be a long day of travel, even though only a few hundred miles.

Well as we packed it up early this morning and got the slide in, Spot decided he didn’t like the idea of leaving Rantoul, Illinois – so he cemented himself at the door the entire morning until we pulled out. Fun moving things in and out OVER him.

Spot Blocks The Stairs This Morning

Spot Blocks The Stairs This Morning


The boring part were the two stops for bearings and tires. The dog and cat both travel in the pickup truck…the entire back floor area I filled with my homemade dog beds, etc. So it is fluffy. Spot is welcomed to ride shotgun, but he prefers jumping in the back all on his own and yelling at Hannah the dog if she even moves. Quite a team we all are.

So finally – we got to our destination at West Lake Park Campground. Very nice place for an overnight. Very empty, easy pull ins, etc. They have tons of sites but all are divided by “gates.” So our $19/night electric/water sites are at Gate 1. If you want full hookups…well…they tell you a different gate to go to. It’s only a few extra dollars for full hookups, if you ever come this way. The $19 includes it all, even tax, which isn’t too bad if you’ve checked summer rates lately. I’ve posted pics below of the layout. Again, very clean, spacious, quiet…but it is a weekday, don’t know about weekends.

west lake park campground davenport iowawest lake park davenport iawest lake park davenport iowa

We are only going about 230 miles/day, so we are heading to a state park in Iowa tomorrow. Were thrilled to look on the internet and see that gas prices plummet down the road. Paid $3.89 in Illinois (the thieves!) but looking forward to $3.39 tomorrow night and beyond. Plus we’ve found some gem “off the beaten path” campgrounds by researching and researching…one is FREE and includes electric, one is $5/night. But will keep you in suspense and report on those as we camp there.

It is hard to find cheap camping around Illinois. We are fortunate to be only spending $19 tonight in a place much quieter, woodsier and more serene than some highway KOA! To be continued…………………….


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