Day 2: RV Camping At Anita State Park Iowa

Well yahoo, we’ve made it through day two and are nestled in an awesome site at Anita State Park, Iowa. First let’s tell ya about our second day on the road. I don’t know WHAT is wrong with me…I’ve driven through Iowa countless times, but I ALWAYS think it is flat. Let me tell you rving folks, it ain’t flat. It is rolling hills, up and down. You know the drill – you go 65 mph downhill and 6.5 mph uphill…all day long.

Lake Anita State Park Camping Overlooking Lake

Lake Anita State Park Camping Overlooking Lake


Then there was a case of the grumpies, compliments of me. I’m sorry Iowa inhabitants, but though I’ve forgotten the rolling hills for 300 miles of straight I-80 travel, I haven’t forgotten that it is always sunny, hot, congested with semis blowing us off the road. I get a case of nausea in those conditions, so I wasn’t happy the first half of the day. I kept hoping for clouds or rain…and then it happened. Oh…we got rain. Yeah, big red cells on radar of massive, scary storms. It kept the tranny on the truck cool, but visibility was pretty bad! Never seen such amazing lightning and jet black clouds.

That's Us Down There! A Wider View For You

That’s Us Down There! A Wider View For You


Ok, on to Anita State Park camping. Honestly, if you do have to travel in your camper through the dreaded I-80 stretch, you HAVE to camp here. It is gorgeous, honestly. As our pics show, it is another quite empty campground with decent rates ($16/electric and water or $19/full hookups) and a beautiful view. There are trails here, plenty of campsites (even for tent campers, who have their own sites on the other side of the park, away from us rvers)…just a great place to camp.

You do the retro state park “thing” where you put money in an envelope after you pick a site. Quite nifty and reminded me a tad of the places we love to camp in Glacier National Park (aka “home”). Right on the lake, it is very quiet here. You can fish, hike and you feel you are in the “wilds” of Iowa. I know it sounds funny, but it does have a nice foresty feel here, which I’ve missed!

The only downsides at Anita State Park Iowa is that it has steep, STEEP, hills entering the park. Obviously people rv here and have big motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers, but our pickup was already wearing out and getting hot…ending the trip with 5 mph tugs up steep inclines didn’t do the truck any good. But once in, the ride is worth it because it is an affordable, beautiful campground.

Trails Around Lake

Trails Around Lake


One other tidbit…we’ve mentioned we’ve stayed at sites that don’t have sewer hookups, to save money. We just don’t need full hookups every day. But we noticed today that Iowa rest areas have really nice dump stations! So why not embrace cheap rv living and dump there, then get the electric/water only sites at campgrounds? You’ll find many big rigs take up the full hookup sites anyway, so go electric only and have a bit more privacy.

The pets are, once again, passed out and quite ticked at us. Tomorrow night we are exploring an off-the-beaten-path site I found online, which is supposedly FREE electric. If it is as good as it sounds, we will stay two days, because we need some time to just chill. We aren’t going a lot of miles, granted, but it is slow driving and this is supposed to be the simple life…what’s the rush? So will post in a day or two and let you know about our free mystery spot, if it is an awesome free campground or nightmare!! Anyway, Anita State Park camping is worth the $16.00, guaranteed!

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2 Responses to Day 2: RV Camping At Anita State Park Iowa

  1. cozygirl says:

    I was surprised to learn about all the hills that way. Our plans to SD got messed up but I was all excited about checking that state out. Taking not of this state park….nice to hear your tales of being on the road!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hi cozygirl!
      So glad you are enjoying our tales…we arrived in our free site in South Dakota tonight and are taking an extra day, so will post the info tomorrow night. Talk to you then!