Bluegrass, Bandages, Bear Paws – Our Cheap RV Living Blog Update

Hey everyone, time for a little update on our rv blog! Cannot believe how time flies – given we arrived at this rv park in central Illinois May 1st and today is…the 10th?! Here are the main highlights from our time here to date…as you see in the title, we have a lot of “B” words to chat about. Wanted to add “bearings” because we are getting new wheel bearings put on the truck, too…but that brings about another B word – BORING topic.


Oh to have had my camera. We stayed up a little later than usual one night, enjoying the comfortable and quiet evening, sitting outside. Jim went into the rv first and I was soon to follow…but the I heard music. Not just any music…it was a (here’s that B again) BANJO and a (ok, this is getting ridiculous) BASS plus singing. It sounded so clear, I was certain it was the stereo. It cut through the cool night because this rv park is amazingly quiet. So I yelled for Jim to come back outside and listen. He thought it was someone playing a CD a bit loudly, but then we heard the song cut off, some laughter, voices, singing and playing again…nope, this was live.

Well this was too irresistible for this acoustic duo to pass up. Plan change for the night…find the source of that music and bring a drink along, too! Turns out that some contractors who stay here during the summer are quite talented. There they were, singing their hearts out, playing banjo and the UPRIGHT BASS turned out to be a washtub bass (washtub, rope and broom handle). We would have expected this back in Montana but couldn’t believe our eyes! Ended up sitting around the campfire with the group, Jim and I took turns on playing the guitar and we sang and harmonized along when we knew the words. A truly memorable evening!


Another memorable day was when we woke up to find our dog Hannah with blood on her dog bed, limping around like crazy. Our baby, when we went to bed, was as normal as could be…she hurt herself during the night somehow. Our best guess is that our new camper has heat vents in the floor, so perhaps her toenail got caught? The point is, her nail was hanging on by next to nothing, so off to the local vet we go.

Poor Hannah

Poor Hannah

Fortunately I had made a homemade dog ramp for the tall pickup truck, which came in handy getting her in and out of the camper because she couldn’t bear weight on it. The vet knocked her out (his bill knocked us out) so he could remove the entire nail. She was so drugged afterward we had to take her home on a stretcher and carry her inside. I’m happy to report, however, that within two days she is jumping around again. I have to come up with some invention for those floor vents – we can’t keep them covered forever!


Finally, after years of pleading, my daughter and I got mother/daughter tattoos of bear paws, which you can read about in this article. It was an awesome day!

Certain we will have more to share in the near future on our rv blog. Tonight we are going out with our old drummer and his wife – haven’t seen them since 2001, so there will be a lot of catching up to do. Hope everyone is healthy and happy…Better Be!

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